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A lot is going on around us. The world is full of issues, disasters, diseases, and crises. It is upon us to find what’s best for our families. And this is our job to survive and keep our kids safe.

And even if it is hard but not impossible to find good around us. With all the negativity, there also comes positivity. And to find and function that positivity, we need to make ourselves healthy and ready for what life going through our face.

Now when it comes to human health, again there is a lot that everybody is facing. And among everything else, the most common health issues include obesity and hair loss.

Many people deal with hair loss and fight for weight loss which causes stress and anxiety because both of them are not easy to get rid of. We have a healthy and effective solution for you here in a form of spermidine hair growth supplements which can help you with both of them.

What is spermidine?

What is spermidine?

Spermidine is a polyamine with two or more amino groups, and it helps stimulate autophagy. Spermidine works with the receptors in our body which controls the aging process.

Spermidine is found mostly in sperm and partially in other parts of the human body. But as soon as we cross 30, our body slows down making spermidine and when the spermidine levels decrease, it causes our body functions to slow down which causes health issues.

Spermidine stimulates autophagy. Autophagy is the process that helps destroy defective mitochondria and regrows and renews cellular growth. With the calculated regrowth of new cells, spermidine helps delay the aging process and increase lifespan. Longevity is one of the major benefits of spermidine, and promoting hair growth is another.

Spermidine hair growth – Studies

Spermidine is hyped for longevity as it works with the aging control receptors in our body. But, another most important fact about spermidine is that it helps promote hair growth. It works with the stem cells, improves keratin production, and elongates the anagen phase. It helps control hair loss which leads to better hair growth.

According to the studies held in 2017 and 2018, human subjects were tested for spermidine hair growth and the study concluded with the result that the hair follicles of participants showed great improvement and resistance toward hair loss.

Most of the studies and experiments were done on animals. In such an experiment, old age mice were given the daily dose of spermidine for over six months. In the end, the researchers found out that those mice showed great effects of anti-aging.

And hair loss associated with old age also didn’t appear. It proved the strong and positive effects of spermidine towards improved hair growth and anti-aging.

What’s the mechanism of action?

Spermidine helps regulate autophagy. So, the primary mechanism includes autophagy which helps defeat dead cells and regrow new and healthy cells. Autophagy helps other mechanisms of the body work better by improving cell health and regrowth. It improves lipid metabolism, stops aging, and reduces histone acetylation.

Spermidine regulates cell growth and also helps promote hair growth by elongating the hair shaft and improving keratin production.

What makes hair grow?

The hair growth or hair loss is associated with several health conditions. There could be several reasons that make your hair fall or don’t let your hair grow smoothly and fast. If you feel like you are perfectly healthy and still facing hair loss then you need to get yourself checked for deficiencies. Vitamins and other important nutrient deficiencies can lead to hair loss.

Sometimes hair loss can be genetic, or due to some scalp disease as well.

But if everything else is fine and you do not have any disease-related hair loss, then several things can make hair grow:

• A balanced diet containing vitamin D, B12, iron, and biotin

• Biotin supplements

• Use of carrier and essential oils

• OTC ointments

• Keratin treatments and supplements

All of the above can help make your hair grow, but if you shed more hair on daily basis than average, then it is time to see a doctor. Never take it too lightly.

Natural foods that help your hair grow:

We are a pizza, burger, and pasta-eating generation. So, we might sometimes count calories but we never give attention to the nutrients we are missing by not having balanced and healthy food. All these nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, get all of them through our food.

And if we eat food enriched with all the nutrients then we probably don’t have to go for supplements. But unfortunately, that is not the case. And typically, we forget about eating food that is good for our hair.

Now let’s take a look at what food addition to your daily diet can be useful for your hair health:

• Biotin:

Foods like nuts, egg yolks, sweet potatoes, peas, and liver can be great sources of biotin. And biotin is most important for healthy and growing hair.

• Folate and iron:

Iron is rich in fish, pulses, white and red meat, nuts, and green leafy vegetables. If you have a balanced portion of all these in your diet, then you don’t have to worry about deficiencies.

• Protein:

Corn, dairy products, and meat of all kinds including fish, chicken, and beef are perfect for increasing protein. And protein should preferably be gotten by food. Because taking top-up protein through supplements could be harmful to your kidneys.

Vitamin C:

Keep in mind that your hair health couldn’t get better by just putting treatments on, it highly depends on the food you eat too. Most fruits and vegetables are enriched with vitamin c like oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, and bell peppers. And this is not the only reason why fruit should necessarily be a part of your daily life.

How long does it take spermidine to work?

Everything takes time to show some miracle. And spermidine will also take some time to absorb in your bloodstream and start making the process of autophagy better to make the regrowth and renewal of cells back on track if it has slowed down. Spermidine users mention that it almost takes one month to see improvement and effects of the supplement.

What is Youthavar?

What is Youthavar?

Youthavar is a proud product of Valhalla vitality and it cannot be taken for granted. Because we have made this product with 2 most important ingredients that most people don’t even know about. But they have a lot of potential benefits.

The best thing about this product is that both ingredients are herbal and we have nothing to do with chemicals. Because we are supposed to make things better and easier for you.

Spermidine is being used for ages due to its various benefits. And now that is being used in supplements, researchers have found out that it can play a huge role in longevity, boost your immune system, provide anti-oxidant properties, and increases life expectancy by improving cellular growth and reducing cellular aging.

Spermidine hair growth has been under research for quite a time now, and the studies show that spermidine can play an important part in improving keratin production and promoting hair growth. The volunteers who participated in experiments also showed resistance to hair loss.

Valhalla Vitality:

Valhalla Vitality is your best bet to find the best spermidine supplement because we don’t just sell it to make money. We make these products after complete research and under professional supervision to help our clients in every way possible.

So, if you want to order your supplement, then choose nonetheless Valhalla Vitality because we are a certified company and we provide licensed products so there is zero chance of compromise.

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