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Who doesn’t want to live a healthy and long life, right? Everyone has goals, and they want to live as long as to fulfill all goals and desires before they meet their end.

But, how long anybody is going to live, no one knows. What we know is that we can improve the quality of life and life span possibly, by keeping up a healthy lifestyle. What we can do is to put the effort into staying healthy so our organs function properly, even with the growing age.

One of the most important things is to maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle with exercise and all. But, all of this would work only if your cells are healthy. Which is the point of discussion here. Billion of our cells die on daily basis.

But new ones take their place instantly. But as soon as we cross 30, our cell reproduction slows down. And our body doesn’t build as many new cells as they are destroyed or died. And if cell renewal slows down, that means our organs will take time to function properly. So, this cell renewal can be sorted with the help of spermidine.

What is spermidine?

What is spermidine

Spermidine is a compound that can help with calculated and required cell renewal rate, without interrupting the natural cycle of the human body.

Spermidine, just like any other vitamins or supplements, can be found in supplements form. But, why should this be taken? Because, spermidine is already present in our body, mostly in sperm, and partially in other body parts as well. But, just like other nutrient deficiencies, spermidine can also be deficient with the growing age.

And it is also important for your body to stay healthy from multiple diseases, by having enough spermidine count. Because, if you don’t keep an eye on this factor, you will keep experiencing health-related difficulties with your growing age. you might have already suffered from time-to-time body pain, stress, and low or high blood pressure.

Not that all of this is related to spermidine, but it is just an example that there might be several issues to your body in case of lacking anything like spermidine. So, now that you know how important is it, then you can opt for spermidine supplements, along with eating spermidine-rich food.

What are the advantages of spermidine?

Spermidine can make your life span increase significantly. It can help you live a long and healthy life. Due to the increasing number of diseases, it is very important to be cautious about your health and the issues related to it. Everything needs to be taken very seriously when it comes to deficiencies in your body. And one of them which is most important to care about is “spermidine”.

Look at these advantages:

Spermidine Anti-aging:

With spermidine count up to the mark in your body, it can help with anti-aging, as it works as stress-resistant, and many diseases of old age are associated with stress.

Spermidine for hair growth:

Spermidine aging is not just the only benefit, but it also helps with hair growth. As it elongates the hair shaft and extends anagen. When hair loss is due to some disease, then the results might differ. Otherwise, spermidine can significantly improve hair growth for an average human scalp.

Weight loss:

Spermidine can be extremely beneficial for people dealing with obesity. It has been shown through research and experiments, that mice with DIO (diet-induced-obese) were tested for spermidine and they showed insulin resistance. And with a human trial, the results showed a significant weight reduction, helping people from obesity.

How does spermidine work for anti-aging?

Spermidine has a huge part in slowing down the aging process. This product got popular due to its anti-aging properties. But it also makes a significant increase in life span, by making your body function healthy. But what does it do inside our bodies?

As you know that various supplements provide our body with various nutrients that are missing from our body, due to the regular consumption of modern food. So, supplements fulfill the needs that are deficient in our bodies. But, when it comes to supplements like spermidine, they work with our cells instead of nutrients.

As we keep growing old, our cellular damage on daily basis increases. And cellular renewal gets delayed. So, what spermidine does, is work on the pathways that control the aging factors, not just on the aging itself. Spermidine also involves autophagy. In autophagy, our destructed cells kind of get recycle, as they use their originated cells to produce new cells.

Autophagy works with anti-inflammation and oxidative stress. And both of them play a huge role in aging. Along with cells, autophagy also works with balancing nutrients in our bodies.

Does spermidine improve skin?

Yes, spermidine improves skin as it increases collagen and helps improve skin structure, and provides a barrier against bacteria, which can be effective against acne.

How to get your spermidine count back up to the mark?

Increasing spermidine levels is not an issue anymore. Although, you can also increase the spermidine count with the help of eating foods rich in spermidine. But we are a pizza-burger kind of generation, so we might not get enough spermidine through food intake.

But if possible, increase the usage of the following foods in your daily life, to increase spermidine count naturally:

Soy products


Red beans, chickpeas

All kinds of cheeses.

Wheat germ

How long does it take spermidine to work?

Well, when it comes to feeling the effects of anything you have started, it takes time. Although, it varies with the human body because everybody reacts differently to different products. But, with the regular dosage of spermidine, which is 1mg per day, it can take up to at least one month to work, before it starts showing some benefits. Everything takes time, so don’t sweat.

What is Youthavar?


Youthavar is an authentic and reliable product by Valhalla Vitality, which has anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. It will boost your immune system and fight the aging process to make it slow down.

Youthavar is a product with spermidine and cycloastragenol, which can both be extremely useful for improving overall human health and improving cellular growth. You can trust the product for your needs because it is presented by a certified and licensed company named “Valhalla Vitality”.

If you want to reap the benefits of both these amazing compounds like cycloastragenol and spermidine, then you need to order this concentrate for yourself right now. You don’t even have to go to the shop physically because we provide it online.

Valhalla Vitality:

Valhalla Vitality shop is a licensed and certified vitality shop, which is known for providing supplements with zero side effects and multiple benefits. These supplements we deliver to you are created with the latest tech and pure and genuine ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals that can cause any side effects. Any human can safely consume it, but only the regular minimum dosage for starters. Because everything works differently with everybody.

So, if you are looking for longevity supplements, or you simply want to boost your physical and mental health, then it is time for you to invest some money in yourself.

These supplements will charge your body, by working on your molecular structure and oxidative stress in your body. You can order Youthavar from our website. You just need to click the links given below.

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