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There is no secret in it that the world’s population is getting older at a rapid rate.

The average age of a human being has soared up to 69 in just a few decades. That’s not just scary, but it means that more people are living with chronic diseases and other health maladies as they get older.

But there is good news because now you can supplement your diet with spermine and spermidine, two natural compounds that help promote healthy aging. Do you want to live healthier and longer? Have you ever wondered if there was anything that could make a difference in your health, or even allow you to live longer?

Well, could Spermine and Spermidine supplements be the solution to your prayers? You can explore everything information about these amazing supplements in this article.

What is spermidine?

Spermidine is a molecule that is known for its healing properties and ability to help the body in its regenerative cycle. It helps with the pain associated with inflammation, aids the body in repairing damaged tissue, and has been shown to help protect against infection.

Spermidine supplementation can be taken orally or injected directly into the bloodstream, however, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before trying any new supplement regime. It is not just something you should add to your diet, but it can also help to improve how your body heals itself when you experience any injury.

When your body produces it naturally, it helps repair dead skin cells; while you can supplement with Spermidine to enhance this speed of healing, consuming meals that include cereals, beans, and beef.

What is spermine?

It is a key component of spermidine, a vital chemical in the human body. Spermine may be discovered in a wide range of foodstuff, including asparagus and poultry, but in minute amounts. The primary role of spermine is to act as a precursor to glutamine, arginine, and ornithine. It is also used in some medicinal treatments for diabetes and cancer.

Difference between spermine and spermidine

Difference between spermine and spermidine

Spermine is the major precursor of spermidine and the minor racemic form of spermine is often used as a selective inhibitor of microtubule polymerization in vitro. This application is used in molecular biology research and cellular biology studies to study how microtubules assemble and function in biological organisms.

Furthermore, stereospecificity may be significant for this form of enzyme inhibition since many microtubule polymerases absorb spermine only at one specific stereochemistry rather than both, as D-spermine does.

Polyamines are typically synthesized from three separate precursors, diamine and triamine putrescine, which serve as the building blocks for spermine and spermidine. Both structures are part of common pathways in the body for producing biochemical, which helps in maintaining good health conditions.

Spermidine, on the other hand, is generated at the cost of spermine from putrescine. Spermine is present in lesser quantities in the body system versus spermidine. Polyamines have been recognized as a significant health contributor, owing to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

What do spermine and spermidine do?

Spermine and spermidine are two closely similar compounds found in sperm, fruits, and other animals. These molecules can be referred to as polyamines. Because of all those amino groups, they are hydrophilic cationic polymers.

They can perform numerous roles because of their composition which enables them to interact with opposite charges substances like DNA, RNA, and polypeptides. In the long run, these molecules have been shown to have a big impact on our health by improving fertility; preventing gene mutations; controlling cell division; increasing the production of nitric oxide which improves blood flow; and more. The long-term health benefits have been shown in humans so keep on reading!

What are spermine and spermidine good for?

As you may have guessed, spermine and spermidine could be of great benefit to men looking for ways to boost their libido. When these biologically-active substances are in the body, they act on cells, causing them to divide and multiply to keep the body healthy. They’re also responsible for directing DNA into RNA, protein synthesis, and numerous other cell-related functions.

How can I increase my spermine and spermidine levels?

There are many reasons why your body might have low spermine levels and spermidine. A common reason is a stress. You can increase your spermine and prevent it from decreasing by practicing meditation, listening to relaxing music, or getting enough sleep; however, the best way to increase your spermine levels is to consume a balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits.

There are also supplements available which can be helpful because consuming all the foods which contain spermidine naturally would be difficult for every individual.

What is the best time to take spermine and spermidine?

The best time to take spermine and spermidine is before eating your meal. It is considered that by taking the capsules on an empty stomach, the absorption of both can be more efficient, which allows us to achieve the best results.

What is Youthavar? Licensed product by Valhalla Vitality

What is Youthavar? Licensed product by Valhalla Vitality

Youthavar has been formulated to be synergistic and age-fighting at the same time! By using cycloastragenol, spermidine, and SENDS liquid technology, Youthavar has an increased 100x bioavailability compared to using just one or two active ingredients alone.

This means that your body metabolizes Youthavar at a faster rate than if you were on a traditional, single-active ingredient product. You’ll find that Youthavar keeps appearing at different points in your day – from morning to evening – helping to keep you healthy and looking younger! Youthavar is your one-stop shop for vitamins, minerals, herbs, and more.

Youthavar is a synergistic formulation that combines 10 mg of Spermidine with 10 mg of Cycloastragenol to aid in the Antiaging process.

We will recommend you to take supplements from a certified company because no compromise on health. They strictly follow their rules and regulations for making sure that all the supplements are safe for consumption. Also, we only sell supplements of great quality in shape and form so that our customers can get the best results from them.

Valhalla Vitality store is the best place to buy supplements. We believe that correct nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle. We believe that correct nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle, so we will recommend you take supplements from a certified company because no compromise on health.

We are here to provide you with the best in quality and value. Valhalla Vitality offers a variety of products that can help you get the most out of your day and we make it easy to order directly from your phone or computer.

Valhalla Vitality

At Valhalla Vitality, we understand the stress and anxiety that can lead to health issues. We also understand the need for convenient access to medicine that promotes wellness and healing. Our team of expert physicians is focused on quality healthcare and we use cutting-edge technology to provide IV therapy, peptide therapy, testosterone replacement therapy, and ketamine infusion therapy in one location.

Valhalla Vitality provides high-quality, holistic health care tailored to the specific needs of each patient. Our clients receive a customized and individualized care plan, including motivational interviewing, peer specialist consultation and goal setting, nutritional counseling, and advice on how to achieve long-term change.

Come see why Valhalla Vitality is the place for a healthy lifestyle.

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