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Do you ever consider ingesting spermidine in food? Because these foods are well-known for their remarkable anti-aging properties; yet, how effectively do these foods operate within human bodies? It would be a trendy topic to talk about. So, why wait? Continue reading!

Traditional nutritional foods are recommended to replenish our body with essential nutrients, which are most probably missing our today’s modern lifestyle and dietary meals. It is not easy to consume all the foods at the same time.

Therefore to protect our bodies against imbalances, we recommend you these excellent longevity supplements. These supplements concentrate on the mechanisms that create the signs of aging rather than the process of growing up itself. However, the process of autophagy is caused by spermidine.

In this process, our cell begins to regenerate via the kinase pathway as the process of autophagy happens naturally within our cells, which are already managing our cellular metabolism.

In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages of spermidine foods and their potential to enable individuals to live healthier, longer life. So, let’s get started right now!

What is spermidine?

What is spermidine?

Its primary role is to speed up the procedure of metabolism in the human body.

The element of polyamine tissues is taken from food or created by a gut called the microbiome. This is being utilized among many cellular processes such as the stability of DNA, translation, transcription, and stimulation of the autophagic process. In humans, the greater amount of spermidine intake correlates with lowering blood pressure, making it an important protective characteristic against cardiac strokes.

The best spermidine-rich foods to include in your menu

For being an indispensable chemical, and its proportions decrease as we get older. Uncover such top ten spermidine-rich foods to ensure adequate consumption.


It is considered to be a sole oleaginous food (the food that extracts oils), that has significant quantities of the spermidine within. These antioxidant molecules may assist by controlling your blood pressure, lowering your blood fat levels, and improving your blood sugar levels. These hazelnuts have a spermidine content of 2.1 mg per 100 grams.

Cruciferous vegetables

Do you like to eat broccoli or cabbage? If none of these veggies appeal to you, consider this: these green vegetables provide around 2.5 mg of spermidine per 100 grams. To reap the advantages of different vitamin supplements, minerals, and sulfate, consume them in raw form as well as in steam form according to one’s preference.


Mangoes are regarded as the king of all fruits. These delectable fruits have various health advantages. Did you know that mangoes contain roughly 3 mg of spermidine per 100 grams? Mangoes are an excellent source of vitamin A.


Do you like to eat red meat? If you answered yes, there is exceptional news: every 100 grams contains around 3.7 milligrams of spermidine. Is it appealing to you? Yes, it is recommended that you should not consume more than 500 grams of red meat each week. Since beef contains harmful compounds such as carcinogens that can accelerate your cells’ aging process!

Chicken liver

Did you know that liver is not limited to being a good source of spermidine but also a good source of biotin and trace elements? Each kilogram of chicken liver contains approximately 48.7 mg of spermidine. This would also aid in the improvement of a neurological system.


If you want to consume nutritious green veggies, go for “peas.” These limited calories, slender veggies provide approximately 46 mg of spermidine per kilogram. With its anti-inflammatory characteristics that assist with wrinkling minimization. The complexion would’ve been glowing.


Would you like to learn about how to lose weight? Then consider eating mushrooms. It shields the cells within the body from oxidative damage. One kilogram of mushrooms includes around 89 mg of spermidine, which will assist you in losing weight quickly. Spermidine, which is found in mushrooms, helps to boost the innate immune system.


If you plan to have cheddar with red meat, it does not imply you may eat it in larger quantities. As an outcome, it is advised to consume 30 to 40 grams daily. It will keep your salt and saturated fat consumption in check.

Soya beans

Are you looking for the greatest and healthiest muscle-building foods? If so, soya beans are an excellent source of protein, including all necessary amino acids, and contain 167 to 291 mg of spermidine per kilogram. Furthermore, the human body does not synthesize certain amino acids. Soya bean spermidine promotes appropriate nourishment and cellular regeneration if needed for repair or replacement. This would assist in lipoprotein reduction, permitting consumers to avoid ailments such as a cerebrovascular accident.

Wheat germ

It comprises 24.3 mg of spermidine per 100 g, and is a constituent of the rice plants which promotes vegetation development while still being destroyed when the grains are crushed into cornstarch. It’s popular for seasoning veggies, yogurt, and especially oatmeal.

How to increase your spermidine intake easily

Apart from consuming a variety of spermidine in foods on a regular basis, it may make sense to develop a spermidine supplement as just a fast and efficient way to increase your ingestion of this source of sustained competitive supplement known as Youthavar. Such an incredible supplement is 100% vegan, created from natural compounds, and has no harmful effects on your health!

What are the benefits and side effects of spermidine supplements compared to food?

Due to a demanding work schedule, do you find it difficult to consume spermidine in your regular diet? If so, individuals should think about using spermidine supplements in their diet.

These synthetic spermidine present in supplements are the same as the active substance that is particularly designed by using SENDS Technology to boost metabolism and absorption of fat-soluble chemicals. The body may absorb the ingredient in the solution within seconds by converting the provided chemical’s lipophilic state to a hydrophilic state.

As a consequence, using these supplements has no known harmful effects. If any individual experiences any kind of adverse effects, then he or she should immediately visit the physician for discussing terminating or adjusting the medication to support individuals coping with them.

What is Youthavar?

What is Youthavar?

Youthavar is among the most trustable spermidine supplement with cycloastragenol. Valhalla Vitality is manufactured by using the new advanced SENDS Technology. It is made up of two naturally occurring herbals called spermidine and cycloastragenol.

This fascinating spermidine supplement could help you beat the visible signs of aging. It will additionally benefit you with the greater activation of the autophagy technique, which replaces old cells with new ones. As a consequence, it encourages both longevity as well as a nutritional diet.

Valhalla Vitality

At Valhalla Vitality, we seek to build & creating accessible resources consumers demand to reach optimum wellbeing. You can now purchase the most effective Youthavar supplement from the Valhalla Vitality supplement shop. A superior mix, which is rigorously tested for its authenticity and efficacy without additives as well as with flow agents. You can place Order Here!

Still, have additional questions about our spermidine product?

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