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Healthy and long life is desired and admired by everyone. And we know that several things keep us healthy. Among them are exercise, a healthy diet, proper sleep, less stress, and a peaceful mind is important. But who knows that there are supplements that can help make your life span longer and better?

With growing age, our body becomes susceptible to different diseases. It is because our body starts lacking healthy cells and the production of new cells slows down as we age. And when our body doesn’t have enough cells to regulate, then our bodily functions slow down and start to occur issues. Like our immune system, digestive system, and other functions. And this could all be due to the lack of new and healthy cells. How do we overcome that? Keep reading the article.

What is spermidine?

Spermidine Rich Foods And Spermidine Supplements

With growing age, our body gets more prone to health issues, rather it is physical or mental. And our diets are not healthy enough to provide all the nutrients required by our bodies. This is why we keep needing and should be taking multivitamins and other supplements on and off, after consulting a physician.

Spermidine is one of the polyamines with 2 main amino groups. It is found in our body and naturally prevails in our ribosomes and living tissues. Spermidine was first found in human semen. And then research found out the highest levels of spermidine are found in sperm but it is also found in other parts of the body. The function of spermidine is to keep our cells healthy and active.

The role of spermidine is to regulate autophagy. And autophagy is the process that makes the recycling and regrowth of new cells possible. Mitochondria is the powerhouse of cells and autophagy makes it possible to get rid of damaged and dead mitochondria to make space for new and healthy cells. Spermidine works with the mitochondria which are responsible for the aging process. And if the levels of spermidine are enough in our body, it can slow down and even stop the process of aging.

Where is spermidine found?

Spermidine resides naturally in our bodies. But, the levels of spermidine can become low as we age. And when that happens, it means our body needs to top a spermidine dose. And that can happen with spermidine supplements.

But if you prefer the natural and organic way, then spermidine dose can be found in certain whole food as well.

Here is the list of food that contains spermidine dose and regular use of which can boost the levels of spermidine in your body:

• Hazelnut:

Add hazelnut for munching and flavor to your food because it can be a good addition to spermidine.

• Mangoes:

Mangos can make a good source of vitamin A as well as spermidine and who doesn’t love mangoes right?

• Beef:

A lot of red meat is not a good option and is not recommended by doctors for medical reasons as well. But, adding a good and balanced source of beef to your diet can play an important role in increasing spermidine levels.

• Chicken liver:

Chicken liver is not just a good option to increase spermidine but it is also rich in other nutrients like iron, vitamin A and B9. And it is even more beneficial than red meat.

• Peas:

Peas like other green veggies also have many other health benefits and it is a good source of spermidine as well.

• Cheddar cheese:

Cheddar cheese and all other kinds of cheeses are very beneficial if you are looking to increase your spermidine levels with the help of food.

• Soybeans:

Soya bean is an excellent source of spermidine and it can be consumed in different forms.

• Wheatgerm:

Wheatgerm is best among all if you are looking for whole food that can work up the deficiency of spermidine in your body.

Is spermidine safe for consumption?

Spermidine is not something that can be harmful to our bodies. Because it is naturally produced by our body as well. That makes the consumption of spermidine supplements safe and tolerable for the human body.

How should spermidine be taken?

Spermidine is highly recommended to be taken in the form of 2 capsules once a day after a full meal. You can take it any time like breakfast, lunch or dinner. But it is always best if you have had your full meal before that. It is also recommended to follow the same routine every day.

Point to ponder: Whatever is it, rather than the regular drugs or supplements, do not self-medicate if you are taking the supplement or drug for the first time.

Never forget to talk to your physician about something you are planning to start. You never know what side effect that product has, and how will your body react to it.

How much spermidine should I take?

Spermidine can be taken up to 6mg per day which is considered and proven to be harmless and easily tolerable. Usually, a 5-10 mg per day dose is recommended. And sometimes, this dose can be increased to 10-20 mg on the safe side if the person is not having any trouble with the starter dosage.

What are the side effects of taking spermidine?

There are no side effects of spermidine. Spermidine is already present in our body which is why it cannot do any harm in case we take it in the form of supplements. Spermidine is tested to be harmless for the human body. There are no potential risks or side effects.

Point to ponder: Any medicine or supplements shouldn’t be taken more than recommended or prescribed dosage. Although there are no side effects associated with spermidine but who knows what an overdose of something harmless could do? So, always be careful when taking a daily dosage of a drug or supplement.

Have there been any human trials where spermidine doses were given to actual participants?

Yes, some clinical trials have also been done in humans where spermidine was given to participants and tested for memory and cognitive skills. Where spermidine is known for delaying aging effects, the test showed that it doesn’t work to make memory or brain health better. Researchers concluded that maybe the daily dose of 0.9 mg spermidine was way too low to work which is why it didn’t show promising results.



When you learn about something new and you find it worth giving a try. It makes you feel excited and hesitant at the same time because you don’t know how will it come out as it is a new product and you haven’t tested it before.

Such is the case with spermidine supplements. Although the spermidine dose is already present in your body so it doesn’t make it harmful but still, it is important to take a test dose for a few days to know if it suits you well.

And when it comes to getting the right spermidine dos supplement that will be entirely harmless and beneficial in many ways, you need to find the authentic source. And Valhalla vitality being a reliable and certified vitality shop allows you to find the best longevity product for your growing age.

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Youthavar is our promising product containing cycloastragenol and spermidine as the strong and main ingredients. It will help slow down the aging process, it has antioxidant properties and it also boosts your immune system.

Valhalla Vitality:

Valhalla Vitality Shop is your online one-stop shop to find reliable supplements delivered to your doorstep. We are working for years to provide the best for our clients. Health is the best gift of God and we must take care of it.

Growing old doesn’t mean that you should stop caring for yourself, instead, growing age needs more care. So, keep your supplements and consultations around the clock so you don’t get deficient in anything.

And when you look for buying supplements, come visit our website, and order yours. We are a certified and trusted vitality shop so there is nothing to worry about. Stay healthy and fit.

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