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What is Turkesterone?

Ajuga turkestanica serves as the origin from which Turkesterone is taken out. It is classified as a member of steroid groups known as Ecdesteroid. This class of steroids (Ecdesteroid) is naturally present and works as steroid hormones for both arthropods and herbs.

How does Turkesterone is produced

Recent studies and investigations have revealed that Ecdesteroids are potent builders of muscles and as well they are excellent in enhancing performance. They can be sourced from various food types which include yam, spinach, and quinoa. Though, they occur in limited quantity in these food items.

There are different forms of Ecdesteroids but Turkesterone does miracles and improves performance. That is why it is becoming popular among athletes. But does Turkesterone work? Find it out by reading the article.

How does Turkesterone is produced?

Turkesterone is a naturally present chemical element that can get through both plants and insects. Its production involves isolation from these plants and animals. Subjection to the extraction process, and also purification.

It can be consumed alongside some food like spinach, yams as well as quinoa. Plants such as Maral root, as well as Ajuta Turkestanica contain Turkesterone extensively, therefore, they are the chief source from which Turkesterone is produced largely.

Industrial production of Turkesterone:

To synthesize or produce Turkesterone, firstly extract the crude form of Turkesterone from the root of the plant’s source (Ajuta Turkestanica). This can be achieved by soaking the plant root in either ethanol or other chemical solvent for some hours. The next step is purification, which is the process of getting rid of all impurities from the extract. This can be achieved by several processes of separation techniques which include sieving, chromatography, crystallization, and likes. From this purified extract, Turkesterone supplements can now be produced and packaged.

What do the final products look like?

The refined product of Turkesterone after being produced industrially is a tablet similar to other drugs being sold in the stores. It can also be in pellet form.

Since Turkesterone can be described as an analog of testosterone, the final product of Turkesterone after metabolism processes is a compound similar to that of testosterone.

How does Turkesterone work?

Investigations have revealed the mechanism of action used by Turkesterone. It involves phosphatidyl inositol-3-kinase (PI3K)-induced protein synthesis.

This is supported by the fact that a particular chemical compound, called “inhibitor LY294002” prevents the process of protein synthesis which is induced by a member of Ecdesteroids, called 20E which is a similar compound to Turkesterone. Also, stimulated protein synthesis is lowered by inhibitors of PIK3.

Also, from the dietary proteins, there is an uptake of amino acids (especially leucine) for the building of tissue mass, this process is induced by Turkesterone.

What does Turkesterone do for wellness?

What does Turkesterone do for wellness

There are many things done by Turkesterone to improve the wellness of the human body system. You may be thinking does Turkesterone improve anabolism? Read to get the answers.

• Powers the muscular system

It amplifies the rate at which Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is synthesized, this high number of ATP helps to power the muscular system, reduce the feelings of fatigue, if any, and also increase the ability to participate in strenuous work due to improvement in stamina, endurance ability, and body strength.

• Helps to put on additional mass

It is scientifically approved that Turkesterone aids in gaining muscle mass. It also helps to increase the muscle-fat ratio, this leads to improvement in the composition of body mass. In addition to this, Turkesterone does work to boost the body’s metabolism and also prevents the occurrence of obesity. This anti-obesity action of Turkesterone is achieved by preventing insulin resistance and also lowering the rate at which lipid is absorbed into the body system. The overall effect of these is the synthesis of muscle in several diverse ways.

• Repair muscle breakdown:

There is usually a breakdown in muscle fibers, especially after strenuous workouts e.g exercise. There is also a build-up of lactic acid after such exercise.

Turkesterone works to repair the muscle breakdown and improve the glycogen level present in the muscles to decrease the amount of lactic acid in muscles.

To ensure adequate wellness of humans, Turkesterone plays a pivotal role in diverse biological processes which include:

• It maintains proper mental health by aiding the synthesis of the required neurotransmitters needed for adequate functioning of the body system.

• Turkesterone aids in digestion processes, and at the same time, helps in offering better cardiovascular, as well as hepatocellular functions.

• Turkesterone does its work to enhance the antioxidant status of the body system, this gives Turkesterone improve the ability to suppress several inflammatory processes. It can be deduced from the hepatocellular and cardiovascular-enhancing functions of Turkesterone that this compound helps to reduce the level of body glucose as well as its cholesterol levels.

Benefits and side effects of Turkesterone

Increase in lean muscle gains

The key fact behind the consistent use of Turkesterone is its potent and excellent muscle-building ability, there are no supplements that can offer this bodybuilding ability, this makes Turkesterone a unique supplement.

Turkesterone has been found to build muscle via the process of muscle-building synthesis.

Accelerated muscle recovery

Turkesterone has the ability to build muscles. How do Turkesterone works? It increases muscle protein synthesis, which is the assurance of increased and faster muscle recovery. Muscle recovery is critical, especially for athletes and bodybuilders undergoing strenuous activities, Turkesterone is considered the best element for this process.

Increased strength

Users of Turkesterone or other people that are exposed to it are reported to have increased strength. It has also been said that Turkesterone is a good enhancer of performance.


Turkesterone works in enhancement processes for protein synthesis of up to about 20% of the human body system.

Adaptogenic agent

Anti-depressants, tonic, as well as adaptogenic properties, are associated with Turkesterone. They aid the body’s ability to be resistant to stress and tiredness.

Immuno-protective agent

Turkesterone is involved in many immuno-modulatory functions and enhances many anti-inflammatory functions.

Nutraceutical agent

Turkesterone is present as a food additive in many food types from several companies due to its high number of good effects. In France, quinoa (which contains a high amount of Turkesterone) is added to a variety of food products such as bread, chocolate, biscuits, baby food, pasta, and likes.

Does Turkesterone have side effects?

No side effects have been revealed by using Turkesterone. Although, it is expected that the high content of Turkesterone in food products, might lead to carcinogenicity and should be properly assessed. It is clinically proven that doses of up to 1000mg-2000mg of Turkesterone have no lethal effects on humans. This evidence reveals the high level of safety associated with Turkesterone.

Nonetheless, the dosage of 10mg/kg of body weight per day is considered a good one. A few side effects of using Turkesterone are Stomach related issues and lightheadedness. Other remarkable side effects associated with the use of Turkesterone include hair loss, acne, and liver damage.

Dosage and cycle of Turkesterone:

Turkesterone is recommended by various manufacturers and pharmacists in dosages of about 250mg-500mg per 24hrs. This 250mg-500mg is expected to be spread into two doses, i.e half in a particular hour and the remaining half after 12hrs. For first-time users, it is advised that this supplement should be taken at a lower dose (250mg).

It is also advised by some manufacturers that Turkesterone should be taken at doses of 10mg/kg body weight.

Cycle: Turkesterone is taken by several users for about 8 to 12 weeks according to their target. Most people believe that taking supplements for a long time can be beneficial for the body. Because these supplements will take some time to build up in the body.

How to consume Turkesterone?

The recommended dose of Turkesterone is not more than 500mg per 24hrs, which should be in 2-divided portions. The dose should be consumed for about eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks. After the completion of the length of days, a break can be taken. In order not to lead to a term called “dependency”, people have rather use it on and off for long period.

Brief description of Boostavar

Boostavar: All Natural Anabolic

Boostavar is a biochemical formulation, prepared and packaged with the sole aim of reversing the process of aging in humans. Aging has been a major concern to the world over the years. It is caused by the synergistic effect of telomere shortening and the lack of autophagic processes.

Boostavar is the right formulation to conquer this because spermidine, a chemical compound that increases the occurrence of autophagy, and cycloastragenol, which can lengthen telomere are both present in Boostavar, for this reason, the synergistic effect of both compounds will highly reverse aging.

Where to buy Boostavar ?

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