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If you are a bodybuilder or an athlete, you might have heard this word everywhere and must be curious to know more. So, let’s talk about this much-hyped “Turkesterone” bodybuilding supplement.

To begin with, turkesterone is a dietary supplement that is intensely being advertised and claims to increase body muscle ratios. It’s a type of steroid that falls into the group of Ecdysteroids. Ecdysteroids are known as naturally occurring steroid hormones that are derived from bugs, crickets, and plants as well. It is talk of the town that turkesterone is going to become the next top-line supplement for making muscles.

What Is the history of turkesterone?

When it comes to its structure it seems quite similar to a human hormone called testosterone. Due to its obvious structural similarities, it is much close to testosterone in terms of properties.

Testosterone is responsible for growing hair and making bones denser. We need its anabolic properties like gaining muscle mass or bone density. By applying the fact to our case, scientists thought in the 1968s that if we could consume testosterone or its doppelganger ecdysteroid-derived hormone named turkesterone to get our desired gains then it will be a great find.

When the research was applied to test mouse liver protein growth that in no way is close to human muscles but the research proceeded and got published in 1978 providing insufficient shreds of evidence. The next research was done after a good 28 years when it was tested on a group of weight-training men for 8 weeks but showed no significant result.

Another research yielded the same consequences in 2018 and no hope was left. Until 2019 when the experiment turned out to be winning where turkesterone was tested on a group of bodybuilders for 10 weeks straight and started amazing results.

How does it work?

Turkesterone dietary supplements have a stimulating effect on the adaptability and anabolism of the body. Hastening the metabolism of carbs and lipids in the body, stem cells are transformed into muscle cells. Our body’s cortisol level is enhanced resulting in generating muscles by hindering stress and repairing disrupted muscles as well.

Is Turkesterone a good supplement for bodybuilding?

Turkesterone a good supplement for bodybuilding

As the popularity graph goes up, turkesterone bodybuilding supplements are a sought-after product for fitness freaks. And it is safe to say that there are no striking harmful effects of turkesterone bodybuilding. It does not affect the liver enzyme activity. It also does not intoxicate kidneys. This also does not affect HPTA in the body as well as shows no effect on androgenic activity. Moreover, it does not affect biomarker abnormalities.

I still suggest consulting your doctor before starting any dietary supplement.

Turkesterone: how it helps with training routines?

If you follow a good training program, you can see a lot of difference along with the turkesterone dietary supplements. It helps reduce fat and increase muscle mass. As it elevates the synthesis of body muscle protein. Hence while doing strenuous exercises, muscle loss or deterioration is compensated by this Turkesterone supplement. Having little or nearly no side effects, turkesterone doesn’t obstruct our body’s testosterone level. Make you able to do intense workout sessions by promoting your strength in the gym.

Best exercises while taking turkesterone.

I suggest doing exercises involving strength training for increasing muscle mass. Considering the overhead press is of significant importance. Best while on strenuous exercise routines.

Evidence – indicate the bodybuilding results with turkesterone.

Tried and tested many times by a lot of people, as I mentioned earlier, it did not have enough research in the past on humans. But as time passes by, we spot more research to prove it right for bodybuilders. Taking us to 2006, when the first experiment on humans was done and did not turn out to be something notable.

Another research in 2018 also proved insufficient to recommend it for humans but the one in 2019 was enough to make it common for use. Although woefully, we do not have sufficient scientific evidence for it still we spot a lot of use by fitness experts to make it ‘this’ popular.

The famous fitness YouTubers came forward to start talking about turkesterone bodybuilding routines and one of them even tried, found it so fruitful that he started manufacturing and marketing it. Following his gate, a few other YouTubers also started selling it on their own to their audience.

On the other hand, some of them are still afraid to try it out due to its lack of scientific proof. As one of them suggested partial or too few changes using this.

One of them even documented a 60-day turkesterone bodybuilding routine for his viewers and recommended its use if you are earning a hefty amount of money because its cost is huge as compared to the benefits we get from it. In the end, it is still emphasized to do your homework and decide whether to start it or not or even consult a doctor.

Dose of Turkesterone concentrate for bodybuilders:

For athletes and bodybuilders, using the right amount of turkesterone to get the optimal results must be a crucial point to ponder.

Some manufacturers recommend taking 250-500mg daily dose, split into taking two times a day, and is found to be effective too. While being a newbie, you can start by taking smaller doses to check the changes associated with this dietary supplement. Start by taking a lesser amount of dose daily, for a good 42 to 84 days.

Because it takes a relatively long time to incorporate into our body and start showing results. Hence its long-term use is found to be a key factor in stimulating turkesterone bodybuilding.

It is in some cases, suggested to use 1000mg/day by some athletes. In some cases, it is recommended to take 500-1000 mg each day for about a 6 to 12-week time span. It is not a one-night star because it shows long-term and effective consequences with consistent use.

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