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Live a long healthy life; that is the blessing we mostly hear from our loved ones in our lives. They want us to stay healthy and stay with them forever. Forever is not an option but living a long life is in your hands somehow. And every human being wants to live extended life so they could do something in their life.

Because life seems so short sometimes when we have bigger goals and plans.
A healthy lifestyle is your way to go for longevity. Adapting a lifestyle that includes exercising, walking, staying happy, eating healthy, and taking supplements.

And if you keep that up, along with your regular medical checkups, then it lessens the risk of you getting caught in terrible diseases or organ dysfunction. If there are signs of diseases, they can be treated better if caught at an early stage. And if you keep all that up then it means you are reducing the risk and increasing the span of your life for good.

What is spermidine?

What is spermidine?

Spermidine works like a recycler in our bodies. it is a polyamine because it has multiple amino groups. A polyamine can hitch together with different molecules in our body like cell growth, cell proliferation, and DNA stability. The main purpose of spermidine is to regulate autophagy, which is linked to an anti-aging mechanism indirectly.

Spermidine works like a quality control department in our body. It takes care of the quality of cells. Levels of spermidine in the body bind with autophagy.

Autophagy is a mechanism in our body, which helps remove the waste material from cells and helps them recycle into new cells. Autophagy upgrades the dead or damaged cells and helps with the controlled renewal of cells. But spermidine levels in our body drop down after the age of 30, and it slows down the functioning of the body as it is hitched with multiple molecules in our body, that are supposed to perform different functions.

We take supplements for vitamin D, calcium, iron, and other deficiencies in our bodies. It is mandatory now that we don’t usually get enough of them in our daily food. Specifically, when we are fond of fast food etc. And who doesn’t like a pizza party, right? But, along with all the taste, our body needs what it needs to function better. And that, if spermidine sources are not enough in your diet, get supplements.

Just like iron, vitamin, and calcium, spermidine is also present in our body. But, it is being researched and our purpose is to be aware of this. Because people usually go for normal tests like CBC and vitamin D. But what if your body is lacking spermidine? It also needs to restock if the levels of spermidine in your body are down.

How can spermidine help us?

The main function of spermidine is to control the aging process. By stimulating autophagy, destroying damaged mitochondria, and renewal of cells, it helps delay the aging process. Spermidine source is found in our body just like other nutrients. But the formation of spermidine slows down as we age.

And it can make the organs function slower too. And this is why spermidine supplements are now available in the market and they are a perfect source of longevity.

Spermidine, when binds with multiple molecules in our body, helps improve blood flow and makes heart health better. It is also helpful in improving mortality against cancer. It makes your body function better to reduce inflammation and pain as well.

Spermidine sources you would want to add to your diet:

Spermidine sources you would want to add to your diet:

If something is important for your body to stay healthy, then make sure to add it in the form of a food source or the form of supplements in your daily routine. Now it is also available in the market but the best way is to gain it through food. Most foods have some quantity of spermidine, but the food that has a rich amount of spermidine needs to be included in your daily diet.

And these are:

• Hazelnuts:

Most nuts have just the regular amount of spermidine, but that is the opposite when it comes to hazelnuts. Because they are an excellent spermidine source. And they taste good too. So, add them to your salads, or just munch them as a snack while watching Netflix.

• Cruciferous vegetables

Vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli, maybe you don’t like any of them. But, what I am going to tell you, might change your mind and taste. These two vegetables are full of proteins and other nutrients. They are enriched with calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur compounds, folic acid, and vitamins A, E, C, K, and B. What else do you need? Just steam them with a steak or crunch them raw, in a salad.

• Mangos

Mangos are a great source of spermidine. It’s sweet, but that doesn’t make it unhealthy. Instead, it is a low-calorie fruit that can help you control your weight, as it is a diet suppressant too. Who doesn’t love mango, right? Also, when it is a source of multiple benefits like spermidine, vitamins A and C, you need to add it to your daily diet.

• Beef:

Okay well, if you don’t feel good about beef, we are not saying to have it every day for lunch or dinner. But make it a habit and include it in your diet, once in a while. As it is a great source of spermidine and other nutrients too.

• Chicken liver:

Chicken liver is even healthier when it is compared to beef. It is easy to cook too. You can simply just roast it and it tastes so good. It is not just rich in spermidine, but it also provides iron, vitamin A, and B9.

• Peas:

All vegetables are beneficial for health in their unique way. Peas are rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and spermidine as well. They are great sources of protein and fiber too.

• Mushroom:

Not just spermidine, mushrooms are number in providing selenium, potassium, and phosphorus. And you can add them up to various food items.

• Cheddar (and mature cheese)

Maybe you are one of most people, that avoid cheese unwantedly because of the concept that cheese is full of fat. But, did you know that cheese, blue cheese, mature cheese, or any other kind of cheese is full of calcium and spermidine, which can prevent you from multiple health conditions by fulfilling the deficiencies if taken regularly?

• Soybeans:

Soybeans and all soybean-containing products are beneficial for health when it comes to spermidine sources.

• Wheatgerm

Wheatgerm is at the top of the list. It contains almost 23% of spermidine in 100g of wheat germ.

Can you make spermidine intake easier?

Can you make spermidine intake easier

It’s always hard to maintain a diet with all the required and important nutrients. And most of the time, we don’t have enough time to find and cook several things. So we overlook our health. And let it be with the food we eat like to eat or find easy to eat.

But in that case, you might be lacking multiple nutrients in your body, and that includes spermidine too. And spermidine delays the aging process in your body, which means you get to live long and healthy if you look up to your spermidine levels.

How to make it easier to increase spermidine levels? Easy, you can start taking spermidine supplements now. Valhalla Vitality is offering best spermidine product Youthavar. It is a licensed product by a certified and reliable vitality shop. We will just make it easier for you to get this, by ordering online.

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