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Technology keeps expanding and astonishing us in different ways. Every passing year, technology keeps coming up with innovations, and it’s surprising what can be done with the latest tech. Scientists and researchers keep finding amazing things that help us in different aspects of life.

Just like every other department, the medical industry is also growing each day. New research, medicines, and health benefits of natural herbs keep coming out. New ways discovered to treat the issues naturally rather than depending all on chemical-induced drugs and treatments.

And all of this is possible only by studying the human body. And with the new studies, researchers found out that along with iron, calcium, protein, and other nutrients, it is as important o keep count of spermine in the human body, because it’s a great help in delaying the aging process.

What are spermine supplements?

What are spermine supplements?

Spermine is found in our bodies. According to research, it was first found in male sperm but later they discovered it in other body parts too, but in relatively low quantity. Spermine is responsible for keeping you healthy in different ways. It promotes calculated cell renewal. It helps with anti-aging and it helps improve sexual drive.

Our body slows down processing as we age. So, when we cross the age of 30, spermine production is also slowed down, giving the aging control mechanism a break. Which can lead to premature aging and several other issues. Keeping spermine levels up to the mark means the aging process will slow down and your body will be able to function properly with all the dead cells destroyed and the growth of new cells or the upgradation of damaged cells.

One way to intake spermine is by eating food rich in spermine. Another easy way to intake spermine is to opt for spermine supplements from a reputable store. Spermine supplements are mainly for delaying the aging process, but they provide all the other benefits associated with spermine too.

How is spermine produced for supplements?

Spermine supplements are plant-based. They are made with pure natural ingredients. All the ingredients used in the making of spermine supplements are approved by FDA. Most spermine supplements are made from pure extract of wheatgerm, along with some other ingredients. They are safe as they are made from natural ingredients.

The research behind spermine. Why spermine supplements are so important?

Spermine supplements are important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Researchers have found out that spermine is important to keep multiple organs of your body functioning properly, as with the growing age. So, your bodily progress is not affected as soon as your cross 40.

According to spermine-related studies, this supplement has proved to be effective and beneficial for heart diseases, cancer disease, brain disorders, metabolism, and the respiratory system. Along with delaying the aging process, spermine supplements help your body fight obesity, Alzheimer’s, inflammation, and chronic pains too.

Few types of research were held in 1994 in which spermine was tested for patients with prostate cancer. Some other animal-based trials were held in January 2017 and May 2020. And all the studies and research, rather animal-based or human-based have shown auspicious results where the spermine levels were up to the mark. It shows that spermine supplements can be beneficial for cognitive, mental, and physical health.

How to increase your spermine levels in your body?

Spermine is formed in your body but it is important that you keep an eye on the spermine count in your body. Because as soon as the spermine levels drop down, your body will start facing troubles. As for our body, all functions are run through thousands of cells. And these cells are maintained and renewed with the help of spermine. With the unavailability or low count of spermine, multiple organs in our body could dysfunctional.

Once you know that you have low levels of spermine, you should quickly take action to level up spermine in your body.

Spermine levels in your body can easily be increased with the help of a spermine supplement. But if you are one of those people, who prefer doing everything naturally, even if it requires more effort, then you have that option too.

By changing your diet a little bit, you can make sure of enough spermine-rich food intake on daily basis. Because multiple food options have spermine content. And few of them have a high level of spermine, by adding this to your daily diet, you can complete the deficiency.

Here are some options for you if you are finding a natural way to increase your body spermine:


Wheatgerm is the best among all with the highest content of spermine. Even the supplements are made from wheat germ extract.


Mangos are sweet, tasty, and nutritious. So, you can happily add them to your daily diet as a nutritious and yummy treat. Just because it is sweet doesn’t make it unhealthy. Mango is enriched with fiber which helps suppress the diet.


Dry fruits and nuts are as nutritious as fresh fruits. So, make it a routine to chew on some nuts and make hazelnut part of your quick munch too.


Broccoli or cauliflower kinds of vegetables might not be your favorite. But they possess great nutrition which is why you should add them to your diet for surplus health benefits. You can toss them slightly and have them with steak, or you can crunch them raw, they taste perfect.

Chicken liver

Chicken liver is a source of iron, vitamin, and other nutrients, along with a rich quantity of spermine.


Beef is a good source of spermine but it can also be harmful to health if exceeded in quantity. So keep it low but add it to your diet.


Peas contain a lot of nutrients, not just spermine. It has no harm even if you eat them every day, and they are tasty so you can easily add them to any of your food.

How many spermine supplements should I take?

It depends on the form of supplement you are taking. If you are taking it in concentrated form, it will be different. And when taken in capsule form, it’s different. It also varies from person to person, if you are sensitive, start taking 1 mg per day. And if it suits you well, you can take up to 4 capsules per day.

What is Youthavar?

What is Youthavar?

Youthavar is a spermidine product that can slow down the aging process, prevents premature aging, and will help you stay healthy. Youthavar is an anti-aging synergy, a spermine supplement provided by Valhalla vitality.
Youthavar is made up of an equal quantity of cycloastragenol and spermidine. It provides various benefits like delayed anti-aging, boosted immune system, antioxidant properties, and suppressed diet.

Valhalla Vitality:

Valhalla Vitality is a health store, reputable for making plant-based supplements with natural and high-quality ingredients. We are a certified store and use the latest technology for our products. We provide the best by using SENDS technology, which is relatively new and the latest technology we are working with. We make sure to extract the purest form of the herbs to bring it up for you with all its natural and beneficial properties.

Buy online:

Now you can buy spermine supplements online. You can order Youthavar on Valhalla Vitality online store and get them delivered to your doorstep. Follow our website for more details and customer reviews.

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