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Living a healthy life is a blessing. If you think your life is full of problems but you still live, breathe, get up and walk with the world then there is nothing to complain about. Because all the good and bad things continue to happen in our lives.

This is what life is about. So, don’t stress over anything because it’s not going to do you any good. so, you better focus on the life you are spending and try making it better because that’s the least we can do to honor the blessing of life.
If you wish to live a long and healthy life then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. we have so many goals in our lives that the period always seems short.

So, desiring and trying for longevity is anything but wrong. But how can you avoid aging? because you are going to get old ultimately. aging is a natural process and it cannot be stopped completely but it can be slowed down to increase longevity and improve the quality of life.

Describe Cycloastragenol

Best Astragalus Root Extract

Cycloastragenol CAG was discovered and seen in Astragalus membranaceus and it has anti-aging properties. It promotes & stimulates telomerase activity and also helps in treating neurological issues & disorders.

As a person grow old, the cell continuously divides but not making new ones. That gradually shortens the telomere length. Telomere is present at the ends of linear Chromosomes, which protect chromosomes during the process of cell division. So as telomeres become shorter because of repeated division, this is an alarming situation. Because genetic information is at risk along with negative effects on health like losing immunity and causing aging.

The stimulating of telomerase activity means it maintains the length of the telomere. Hence your overall body starts to function well. From your skin to your heart and liver, you will get perfectly fine by using Cycloastragenol daily routine. Not only it can remove wrinkles from your skin, but also protect your heart & liver from any chronic diseases. Along with boosting immunity & creating a guard against diseases, it also has anti-stress properties.

So Cycloastragenol is helpful for both mental & physical issues. The main purpose of Cycloastragenol is to recycle the dead & damaged cells and regenerate the new cells to fight against cancer & cancerous cells. The anti-inflammatory properties and many other health benefits of CAG make it popular among people.

How is Cycloastragenol extracted?

The Cycloastragenol molecule is extracted from a herb that is already been used for more than 200 years. It is taken out from the Astragalus membranaceus roots. These roots have sapogenin in Cycloastragenol. The best technique to isolate Cycloastragenol from astragalus is the Ultrasonic extraction process.

Through this process, high-quality herbal and original products can easily be extracted. A quick, mild, and nonthermal process, that gives you 100% pure product. This method includes capturing the cell wall of the plant. This is a fast process with maximum extracted yield. But keep in mind that this mechanical process needs to be done at a specific temperature.

The equipment and the temperature should be well maintained. The solvent is in liquid form, so the end product can easily be derived from the plant or herb, etc. In the end, the concentrated and pure Cycloastragenol is extracted by removing the solvent.

Whom is cycloastragenol aimed at?

Cycloastragenol is aimed at people growing older, but who want to stay safe and healthy and live longer. But cycloastragenol doesn’t only have anti-aging properties. It is like a multi-wonder supplement, which helps with multiple other health conditions as well.

In today’s era, almost everybody is having medications or supplements for some cause. Because of the increased burdens on our shoulders, we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our health. This means, no pure food, no properly cooked or fully nutritious foods, and no special care for our bodies. we just keep going and keep working throughout the day and night, even with all the help from technology, we have made our lives even harder.

And this doesn’t let us eat on time or eat healthily. we mostly spend money on eating junk from the market instead of spending some time at home cooking and eating. This is why several nutrient deficiencies like vitamin a, d, e, and iron deficiencies occur in our body. And if they are not taken on time orally, then these deficiencies could lead to several other health conditions. Which may let your organs function improperly.

Cycloastragenol works with receptors in our body that control anti-aging. But it also helps all other organs of the body to stay in shape. Because aging affects the functionality of our body organs. As we age, we start developing health conditions. And multiple organs in our body might start causing problems. This is why cycloastragenol is specifically aimed at age-associated diseases. And it also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps with wound healing, chronic pain, and other health issues that might get intense with aging.

Cycloastragenol doesn’t just work like some ordinary anti-aging medicine. It is a supplement, free of any harm and potential risk, and it doesn’t just slow down the aging process, it also slows down the problems that keep occurring with growing age. growing age brings along a lot of health conditions. With regular use of cycloastragenol and a delayed aging process, our body organs get some help to function better and they don’t give up easily or any sooner.

Proven efficacy based on pre-clinical studies:

Cycloastragenol is legal and is approved by FDA. So, it can be used safely because it doesn’t have any potential risks. Although this product is still under research until now, it hasn’t shown any threats to human health. But it has shown efficacy in various clinical trials and studies.

Study 1:

Such as a study held, where twenty volunteers were enrolled and were kept on a 12-week treatment with cycloastragenol. And 18 of those volunteers after completing the 12-week assessment, showed significant improvement regarding to various health issues. All supplements take time to work, so you should not just get disappointed after taking something for just one week.

Because they work with different cellular molecules in our body, so it takes time.
You should wait for at least 1-2 months to see significant improvement. Although, in the experimental study mentioned above, those volunteers were tested at 2,4, and 8 weeks as well. and few of them even showed improvement just after 2 weeks of using the product.

Point to ponder: None of those volunteers experienced any reaction to the product. Neither an irritation nor any smell or taste change.

This study showed that cycloastragenol can play an important role in achieving the best and quick results when it comes to aging and age-related diseases.

Study 2:

Cycloastragenol also works wonders against depression. rather it is age-associated or any other condition, but cycloastragenol can play a significant part in relieving depression.

A study was held in which cycloastragenol was tested on mice for severe depression. seven mice with depression-related symptoms were given cycloastragenol. And it was observed that their depression-related symptoms reduced in a few days.

What can we get from cycloastragenol?

What can we get from cycloastragenol?

Cycloastragenol has various benefits. It is not just about anti-aging; you can also get a lot more than just avoiding aging effects. Cycloastragenol strengthens bone mass and reduces the risk of bone-related conditions.

Cycloastragenol is a telomerase activator that improves the calculated regrowth of cell, and also repair the damaged cells, making them work properly again. When the aging process of our body is slowing down, it means the problems that you might face with growing age, will also slow down and you won’t be at risk as much as other people who are not using cycloastragenol. Using cycloastragenol on regular basis might help your get:

Proper sleep

Lack of sleep or poor sleep routine can also be a huge problem with growing age. if you are experiencing that, you will start feeling a significant yet positive change in your sleep routine as cycloastragenol helps improve sleep by working with neurotransmitters of the brain.

Reduced oxidative stress

Cycloastragenol help fights oxidative stress, which is the reason behind multiple health issues.

Cancer treatment

Cycloastragenol has also shown efficacy when used along with regular treatment for cancer patients. It can also ease the side effects of chemotherapy.

Reduced depression

Cycloastragenol has shown positive results against depression in a study held where this product was tested for severe depression symptoms.

Improve hair health

Hair loss is also a huge problem faced by young, adults and older people as well. usage of cycloastragenol may also improve your hair health and reduce face acne as well.

Reduced heart health risk

Heart health is mostly associated with growing age. cycloastragenol also helps improve heart health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues.

Improved wound healing

Wound healing might take time and get worse with growing age and other health issues like diabetes. Whereas, cycloastragenol reduces the symptoms of such health issues, in result improving the wound healing process.

Are there any contradictions in taking cycloastragenol?

Cycloastragenol is safe to use. It is still being observed for more benefits and potential side effects but it hasn’t shown any threats to human health till now. Although this product is safe and it hasn’t shown enough risks, it has shown efficacy against various health conditions and has been proven effective as an anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anti-depression supplement.

Adverse reactions

There are no adverse reactions experienced with the usage of cycloastragenol till now. But it is said about the product, that it may promote cancer cell growth by elongating the telomerase. Although, this risk is not yet proven or confirmed, so according to current research, cycloastragenol should be given to cancer patients as it helps with the treatment and side effects of chemotherapy.



Youthavar is our product made with natural ingredients preserving all the benefits of cycloastragenol. Youthavar is an anti-aging synergy that works as a powerful antioxidant, boosts your immune system, and slows down the aging process. you can only experience the complete benefits of youthavar after you start using it yourself. This product has no side effects, but if you are still confused, you can see our customer reviews by yourself and you will know why people are liking it a lot.

Where can we get the best cycloastragenol supplements?

If you are looking to find the best cycloastragenol supplements, then look nowhere but at Valhalla Vitality’s online shop.

Because we have preserved all the natural qualities of this beneficial and herbal ingredient “cycloastragenol”, and providing it to you in a form of a beneficial concentrate. We are a licensed company so there is nothing you need to worry about.

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