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Growing old is part of life. We are aging day by and year by year. After a certain age limit, it starts showing on our skin too. Who wants to look and feel old? Surgeries and other treatments require a lot of time and money. Moreover, they have certain health risks. But, what if we tell you that you can regain your youthfulness, look fresh and glow without even getting any surgeries and sending a lot of money.
There is no doubt in it that nature works best with everything. Yes, you have to grow old, but why you must look old too? Herbal and natural treatment for anything is best if it works. Cycloastragenol dietary supplement is made with some natural ingredients for prolonging your youthful body and the freshness of your face. You might haven’t heard about any such supplement until now, but let us guide you a little more. Keep reading:

What is meant by Cycloastragenol?

Astragalus plant

Cycloastragenol is derived from the fish, which is extracted from a plant called Astragalus Membranous. It is made up of a very powerful ingredient taken from the plant that has been used as traditional Chinese herbal medicine, for ages.
This herb has been proven to be anti-inflammatory and works best for anti-aging too. It also boosts immunity, relieves stress, and it has solutions to other health issues like hypersensitivity.
So, cycloastragenol helps elongate the telomerase that can be decreased due to any cause.
Cycloastragenol is consumed from the roots of a plant called Astragalus membranous. So, it requires a lot of precision to be extracted carefully and without damaging to curing effect of the ingredient. If extracted purposefully and professionally, cycloastragenol can be promising with certain results.
Cycloastragenol helps increase the length of telomerase effectively and provides various other benefits too, along with anti-aging properties.
When it is about extracting, astragalus membranous doesn’t only have cycloastragenolists, it also has other vital phytochemicals. So, to separate cycloastragenol and other compounds from astragalus radix, it is important to be precise. This is why, the ultrasonic technique is used to do the task with total precision, so no compounds are wasted.
The ultrasonic technique is best because it is mild and quick and it also makes sure of producing quality extracts. The ultrasonic technique is used to extract astragalus polysaccharides by cutting through a plant cell wall. the advantage of this technique is that extraction is done in less time with better yield. With ultrasonic extraction, the procedure is quick, mild, high-quality, simple, and safe.

Who is cycloastragenol aimed to be?

Cycloastragenol is a great composition and it has attracted a lot of scientific research and studies which prove it to be a significantly promising supplement.

Cycloastragenol (CAG) is an anti-aging dietary

Cycloastragenol is aimed toward physical and mental well-being. It is extracted purely naturally so it helps regenerate skin which makes you look young, and it also helps with your mental betterment.
The basic purpose of cycloastragenol supplement is “anti-aging”, but since it is known as a telomere activator and it also improves your overall health by protecting your liver and boosting your immune system, it also acts as diuretics, and possesses anti-bacterial, anti-hypersensitive and anti-stress properties.


The dosage varies from person to person due to varying age and medical conditions. But, the standard dosage is 10mg per day. it is better if your doctor has prescribed it because the dosage will be increased for you if you are over 60 years, to slow down the aging process and elongate telomeres.

Preclinical studies and efficacy:

Cycloastragenol studies have proven it to be a very promising compound. The efficacy of this supplement has been proven with preclinical studies. Research shows that cells treated with this supplement show the improved absorbance of nutrients and triplicate the telomere.
There have been a lot more studies and scientific research regarding this supplement. And after all the research, shows that this supplement is highly advised for mental and physical health.

Are there any adverse reactions?

CAG improves various biomarkers in clinical studies. Existing research and clinical trials show that Cycloastragenol is safe and has a wide range of potential applications. To make sure that CAG is used clinically in the correct way to treat diseases, more research is needed to fully understand its efficacy and potential adverse reactions.
No adverse effects were found in any of the numerous endpoints that were being tracked (including but not limited to: clinical observations; body weight; food intake; eye exams; urinalyses; hematology; clinical chemistry; pathology; gross organ weights; and histopathology).

What can you get from cycloastragenol?

We have shortly mentioned a few benefits of cycloastragenol earlier, but there is still a lot to it that you need to learn. Let’s take a look:

Enhanced immune system:

Daily consumption of Youthavar can stimulate DNA repair and helps boost your immune system, which leads to the activation of telomeres.

Better sleep:

Although, clinical studies don’t approve anything like this yet. There is need to be solid proof based on clinical studies. But people, who have used this supplement also say that they sleep better now. After all, when your body mechanism is working in a better way, there is improved sleep.

Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s:

As I said earlier, it helps with better mental and physical health. studies also show that cycloastragenol helps reduce the risk of brain disabilities like Alzheimer’s.


Regular intake of this supplement helps slow down the aging process. It works with 4 mechanisms, it fights oxidative stress, inhibits protein glycation and it also acts as a telomere activator. The fourth mechanism, which is protection from Ultraviolet is also handled by this supplement. People who are exposed to the sun for long hours can have damaged cells due to UV rays, which can lead to premature aging.

It helps cure cancer:

It is something important but the efficacy of this supplement is shown for helping cure cancer. It kills cancerous cells and also protects from the side effects of chemotherapy. It also appeared to be 40% mortality for the cure of breast cancer.


Youthavar by Valhalla Vitality and we assure you that you cannot find a better cycloastragenol supplement than this one. We work hard to provide the best to our customers. If you want to know more, you can take a look at customer reviews.

Valhalla Vitality:

At Valhalla Vitality, we care for our clients. Increasing age brings a lot of physical and mental issues. No matter how hard you try to stay fit, they can still catch you because it’s a natural aging process. But, if you don’t want to grow old too soon, then start taking cycloastragenol supplementYouthavar made by us.

Youthavar supplement USA

We have worked hard to provide the best. All other ingredients than cycloastragenol are taken care to be harmless. This dietary supplement is made naturally so there is a contradiction. But still, if you are pregnant or nursing, you should avoid this unless you are done. Ask your doctor to prescribe it for you when you are ready.
If you want to buy this product, or just want to know more about Valhalla Vitality, you can contact us at the following address:

Get Holistic Wellness Supplements – Valhalla Vitality Shop

We hope, you found this article to be your guide about cycloastragenol dietary supplements, and where to find the best. Stay pretty, stay young!

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