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Everyone is growing old. But there is nothing that we can do. No way to stop time or aging because it is a natural process. Even our kids, we celebrate their birthdays very happily every year, knowing that they are growing old too. That is what gives us happiness and joy, so it excites us every year thinking about the coming birthday of a kid. But, not all of us celebrate our birthdays when we have reached a certain age limit. Because we don’t like increasing figures in our age. So, here is the point, how to grow old without looking old?

It sounds interesting, when we talk about fair and fine skin without any wrinkles in old age, is it even possible? Well, now it might be. Technology has evolved a lot in the past few years. More thanks to COVID, because staying in lockdown for like more than a year isn’t a cup of tea. So, everyone has made their way out of technology for a living. In short, with technology and science being evolved, now we have solutions to most of our problems. And medical science has also upgraded as they are working and experimenting with new medicines, and supplements with new and upgraded tech.

Cycloastragenol – A new era

roots of the astragalus plant

Cycloastragenol is a dietary supplement that is extracted from the roots of the astragalus plant. It is also known as TA-65. It is a triterpenoid saponin compound that is the main part of the Astragalus membranaceous.

The main purpose of cycloastragenol is that it activates the telomere. With telomerase being active and lengthening, it helps the whole body function better. Regular consumption of cycloastragenol also protects your liver and boosts your immunity and it has anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, and anti-hypersensitivity properties. It is also said to be a cure for cancer by regenerating new cells and canceling cancerous cells.

You may know about Cycloastragenol supplements, but we additionally tell you that they are extracted molecules from a plant that is being in use for medical purposes for more than 200 years. It is mainly used to enhance the functionality of the person’s immune system; for example, liver protection, anti-aging elements, and anti-stress properties. Telomerase activator has anti-bacterial characteristics to shield against any disease. So if you are a cancer patient, then you will be stress-free and feel light after taking these supplements that will try hard to increase your life span and functionalities of your body system.

Cycloastragenol is also a part of this latest and upgraded medical science. This dietary supplement is good news for old age people and those who are worried about getting wrinkles. Cycloastragenol doesn’t only work with slowing down the aging process and stopping wrinkles from covering your face, but it also provides many other health benefits.

The mechanism of action of cycloastragenol; how does it work?

Cycloastragenol works with work mechanisms to improve your physical and mental health. To achieve the overall target of slowing down the aging process and better health in old age people, this dietary supplement works with 4 mechanisms of action.

Let’s see how it works:

Telomerase activation:

Telomerase is restricted by a certain set of proteins. And they keep shortening whenever cells are divided. What cycloastragenol does, is activate telomeres and increase the length of shortened telomerase.

Enhances lipid metabolism:

Well, lipids are recognized as stored energy in our bodies. But you know, excess of everything is bad, so too many lipids can be destructive for our health. the purpose of cycloastragenol is to boost healthy lipid metabolism with the help of multiple lipid biomarkers.

If consumed at a low dosage, CAG helps reduce cytoplasmic lipid droplets, and when consumed at a high dosage, then it works even more effectively and activates calcium influx.

Antioxidant activity:

The CAG can efficiently treat the up-regulated antioxidant capacity. Reactive oxygen species can damage the cell and tissues, while telomerase activators help you to restore your skin and good health.

Anti-inflammatory activities

Bacteria, infections can affect you and your body at any time. But the CAG supplements will help you to fight against any inflammation or infection. It strengthens your immune system to fight against diseases and takes you out of any stress or anxiety.

Cycloastragenol’s benefits:

Cycloastragenol’s benefits:

It is a dietary supplement that everyone can take, instead of for pregnant or nursing women. But it is better if you get this prescribed by your doctor. Even supplements are given to everyone according to their health condition in varying dosages. Although, the regular dosage of cycloastragenol is 10 mg, which can differ from person to person due to underlying health conditions. If you are consuming cycloastragenol on daily basis, it doesn’t just help with the mechanism of aging, it also provides you other health benefits. Some are scientifically proven, and others are experienced by the users of this dietary supplement.

Let’s take a look at what we can get from cycloastrageol dietary supplement:

• Better immunity:

Activating telomerase can stimulate DNA repair, which can help boost immunity.

• Better sleep:

It might need a little more scientific proof, but users say that it also helps with better and enhanced sleep.

• Reduced stress:

Telomerase that has been shortened can be a cause of many health problems. One of which is that people suffer from depressive disorders like mood swings and which can lead to serious issues like Alzheimer’s. Being a telomere activator, CAG helps reduce stress and the risk of major brain issues.

• Decelerated aging:

The biggest benefit and the root cause of the supplement are working with the aging process. Who would want to see wrinkles and fine lines on the face? Everyone knows that it is a sign of the aging process. CAG helps slow down the aging process by working with four mechanisms of the body.

• Sun protection:

People who are out in the open can be exposed to sunlight a lot. And too much exposure to UV rays can damage your cells. And it can lead to premature aging. But don’t worry, cycloastragenol also helps with protecting those cells from damage, by protecting them from UV rays.

• Cancer cure:

Cycloastragenol has gone through a whole research process which shows that it can help cancer patients with generating new cells and fighting cancerous cells. Boosted immunity with cycloastragenol can help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

• Improve hair health

It is also said that regular use of cycloastragenol can help with hair growth by fighting hair loss, and it also boosts your hair color.

• Wounds are healed

Diabetic patients could go through a lot when it comes to wound healing, like clotting inflammation, rebuilding of epithelium, and then generating new cells. And it is all because of weak or shortened telomerase that can affect the healing process. And here comes the cycloastragenol to rescue, it repairs telomerase degraded cells and activates telomeres which help wounds heal faster.

• Protect from heart disease:

CAG can also help against cardiac dysfunction. An experiment was performed on 134 patients with congestive heart failure among which, 19 were injected with the Astragalus and they showed reduced chest distress.

Is it safe to use cycloastragenol?

Cycloastragenol’s side effects are none or are currently unknown. It is safe and it can use on broad prospects. But it is a relatively new supplement so there might be a need for more research to find adverse reactions and side effects. More studies are needed to find out the efficacy and adverse reactions of the supplement.

Where can you get the best cycloastragenol?

Well, you have just come to the right place. Because Valhalla Vitality is introducing Youthavar. Youthavar is a cycloastragenol supplement that is extracted from astragalus membranaceous. And we worked hard on it to provide you with all the potential benefits of CAG.

Valhalla Vitality aims to provide the best to its clients. You can order Youthavar online at our website. If you want to know more about our supplement, you can check customer reviews for your satisfaction. And you can also contact us for more details.

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