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Self-care starts with health care. If your body is disease-free and healthy, you will automatically shine bright and happy. But if you are suffering from any disease or any issue happening to your internal system. You will look dull and sick. There is nobody, who wants others to pity him or give the impression that he is suffering from an incurable problem. Like cancer, who first listens about it, must think that I will die in some days. But there is a treatment for every disease, there is a solution to every problem. We assure you that, with God’s will and the supplements; you will live longer. Isn’t it surprising? Then read the article to know more about it.

Cycloastragenol and cancer

Cycloastragenol and cancer

Cycloastragenol (CAG) is an ancient drug or element that bring out from a plant known as Astragalus Membranaceous. It helps to elevate the telomerase activation; you can say that they can restore your telomeres after the cell division. If anyone has cancer, then his telomeres will decrease in terms of size. So Cycloastragenol helps a lot in the activation of telomeres.

Another best thing about CAG is that it is perfect for increasing immune power. A person who has been diagnosed with cancer will go into stress and his immune system also goes down with him. But these Cycloastragenol supplements will never let you down and try to make you fresh and increase your life.

Cycloastragenol is the biggest enemy of cancer cell, it not only kills them but also reduces heart issues, liver problems, and UTIs. Use it by talking to your doctor because excess of everything is bad and it may cause dehydration.

What is cancer?

In this disease, the cells start to grow in abnormal behavior and these are uncontrollable body cell that also affects other parts of the body rapidly. The spread is so quick that it is difficult to handle at first. They may be trillion or more cells that cause cancer to happen. Cancer can start developing in any part of the body when old cells didn’t die and create immortal cells.

Symptoms of Cancer:

• Felling extra fatigue or always tired even after rest.
• Eating problem and change in bowel movement.
• Gain or lose weight without any reason.
• Swelling in a specific part of the body
• Pain in the body without any reason.


Technology is going very fast. Now doctors have treatment for any possible illness. Whether it is cancer or any other disturbing disease. There are many options for a cancer patient like:

  1. Undergo surgery to remove that tumour from your body. But it may be a painful and expensive experience.
  2. Radiation therapy for breaking cancer through laser.
  3. Chemotherapy in which drugs are given to patients for killing the cancer cell.
    These are the conventional ways that are being used for decades. Today we are discussing an emerging way of treating Cancer through Cycloastragenol supplements.

Efficacy of Cycloastragenol for cancer treatment

The relationship between Cycloastragenol and Cancer is very absolute. After many pieces of research and experiments, it is hence proved that CAG has many pharmacological characteristics that can reduce cancer cells’ growth. CAG has elements that give power to your immune system and your digestive system works properly which increases your life span. Along with anti-aging properties, it allows activation of telomerase, elongation of telomerase, and anti-stress properties.

Preclinical studies:

Many renowned universities have done a detailed study on Cycloastragenol elements. They also research about Cycloastragenol-Cancer and its effects. They with surety tell that Cycloastragenol is only a beneficial compound that increases the life of a person and is perfect for killing the cancer cell by boosting the immunity of a person. CAG also elongates the Cycloastragenol telomerase which increases the period of patient growth in a human body.

Let’s suppose a person is suffering from Cancer, his telomeres will automatically shorten down and will be in less amount and DNA get damaged. This is an alarming situation for cell capability and chromosome strength. Using Cycloastragenol will lengthen the telomere and the process of the telomerase activation will happen. The Cycloastragenol supplements will reduce the damaged DNA within a cell. It will also increase the functioning of the lungs, the brain starts working properly, and fewer heart issues.

The CAG is best for any type of cancer. Whether a person is suffering from lung cancer, blood cancer, brain tumor, or any other form. The Cycloastragenol telomerase elongates the cell size and kills the cancer cells so efficiently. They will increase your immune power and remove all the signs of aging from your face and body. You will feel light and healthy after some doses.

What are the telomeres?

the telomeres

Telomerase is like a protective cap around the chromosomes. It is a DNS protein structure that safeguards the eukaryotic chromosomes from fusion or any degradation. The telomeres become shorter with time and the cell will not further divide and the cell dies.

What is a telomerase activator?

A Chinese plant/herb that can activate the telomeres. That herb contains a small molecule that is also known as a telomerase activator. This molecule has the properties to act as an anti-aging agent and life-expanding elements. These extracts are achieved through natural and synthetic molecules.

Telomerase activation:

As telomeres are located at the end of chromosomes that have a protein capping. After some time, these telomeres tend to decrease their length and the cell dies. That DNA will become damaged and chromosomes strength is also in question. So CYCLOASTRAGENOL decreases the short telomeres by activating them. This process is known as telomerase activation. CAG is the best mechanism to activate the telomeres of many different types of cells in your body.

Telomerase elongation:

The telomeres shortening become frequently happens because of the disease. The Cycloastragenol telomerase has a quality to lengthen it with its elongation property. The telomerase has a Nucleo-protein element that increases the length of the telomeres. So these telomeres can function properly and shield the chromosomes.

Telomerase activation and anti-immunosuppression:

Immunosuppression is a process that reduces the strength of the immune system. For example, medicine is given during the transplant of the heart, liver, or kidney. So the body accepts the transplant without resisting. If you have a weak immune system. You will be more likely to be prone to infections and disease. Telomerase activator will act as a booster of the immune system and your body will fight against many diseases and increase your time without any stress. It enhances the anti-bodies that have the potential to shield you against HIV and AIDS.

Telomerase activation and anti-pulmonary fibrosis:

Many diseases like AIDS, cancer and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) start developing in people because of low telomeres. CYCLOASTRAGENOL TELOMERASE can easily treat these diseases by suppressing fibrosis. It becomes a hurdle for them to penetrate any cell.

Telomerase activation and tissue repairing:

As the length of telomeres is directly proportional to the life of a cell. So activation and elongation of telomerase can increase the abilities of a cell. Cycloastragenol can 100 percent heal wounds, freshen the skin, and repair the cells and tissues. The brain injuries can also be healed by using CAG.

How can Telomerase Activator help your health?

Cycloastragenol will improve your immunity, repair your tissues and kill all the cells that are causing cancer. Whether you are suffering from any disease or not. Taking Cycloastragenol supplements will help you to be stress-free and give you everlasting beauty. It will repair your damaged skin and make it fresh and healthy. Not only the skin but it also shields you against diseases and your body will function properly.


If you are looking for Cycloastragenol cancer supplements, then we will give you a 100 percent guarantee that you will not find so effective supplements other than Youthavar.

They are made by a company known as Valhalla Vitality. One of a renowned and trustworthy company where you can buy your desired item very easily.

These supplements have no side effects and are herbal. We proudly say that it is an organic product that can solve all your problems. From aging issues to stress relievers, and anti-inflammatory to cure cancer; this medicine has done miracles. If you are interested in buying our product, you can contact us at the following address.

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