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The following blog post is for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or diagnosis. Please consult your doctor before making any health-related decisions.

Testosterone plays an important role in increasing sex drive, energizing, and motivation in males. But, taking about this “male hormone”, many people may don’t know that it is also present in females too. It is not dominant like males but a little presence of it in women is necessary.

This androgen hormone helps boost the libido and supports the reproductive system to make women’s health better. If testosterone levels are normal, they can also help with the formation of new blood cells and making you feel energized with improved sex drive too.

Why do women need testosterone?

Testosterone is important for women as well. Unlike men, testosterone is produced by ovaries and some other areas in female body, which is the reason for Low T levels in females when they age. Low T levels can reduce the sex drive in women, and keep them from experiencing pleasure while having intercourse. It can also cause fatigue, weakness, and mood swings.

Testosterone replacement therapy for women is available, but it isn’t recommended just for sexual dysfunction. Because the safety and effectiveness of testosterone replacement therapy in women are still under question.

Testosterone presence in women can help with various health issues. And its presence can be affected by various causes like menstrual issues. Even after menopause and estrogen therapy, if there is no betterment, then they can go for testosterone replacement.

How to know that a female has low T levels?

What symptoms show that a woman has Low T levels? Let’s take a look:
– Muscle weakness
– Fatigue
– Improper sleep
– Bone weakness
– Reduced sex drive
– Sexually unsatisfied
– Dry vagina
– Irregular cycle
– Weight gain

Studies are still going on, because these symptoms could be due to any other health reason too. So, whenever you consult the doctor, he/she might test you for other medical issues too, because these symptoms could point to something else too.

Based on your physical and mental health, the doctor might also test you for:
– Chronic anxiety
– Depression
– Thyroid issue
– Stress
To know your condition better and reaching to the root cause, you must cooperate with your doctor.

What could cause low T levels in females?

Testosterone replacement therapy in females can be needed or appropriate for women in some cases. But, it is important to know the cause behind low t levels in a female body.

There can be multiple causes behind the low testosterone levels in females, like:
•    Early menopause
•    Taking an oral estrogen that might reduce the growth of the testosterone hormone
•    In case of improper functioning of adrenal glands, there could be imbalancing hormones, which can lead to low testosterone levels in females.
•    Simply aging could also cause testosterone levels to drop
•    Problem with ovaries or pituitary glands could be the reason too

With age, testosterone levels reduce in females. Some medications like oral estrogen that are taken to fight the side effects of menopause, can also cause low testosterone levels. And if the ovaries are removed, that can be the reason too, because it means that failure of adrenal glands.

There could be a bunch of reasons, and whether or not a TRT for females is needed, will be decided by the doctor.

Diagnosis of low T levels in women:

There is still some confusion about the symptoms of low t levels due to lack of proof, so when you go to the doctor, he/she might examine you for other most common health conditions associated with the certain symptoms. And then if it seems like due to low t levels, the doctor is going to examine you physically and ask multiple questions to judge the situation, and if low testosterone levels are suspected then he will ask for a blood test, which will clear the picture. If you haven’t reached your menopause yet, then he might ask you to wait for the right time because fluctuation in testosterone levels might be due to the menstrual cycle.

Treatment of testosterone hormone replacement therapy for women:

Some doctors suggest taking drugs like estrogen, but they might not be the best bet. They don’t raise the testosterone levels efficiently, because they don’t absorb in the body properly.

Other treatments like injections, gels, and skin patches are also not recommended because they might not be enough beneficial as they are to males.
Not many treatments are recommended for females, due to unknown efficacy and some potential side effects. In the united states, FDA doesn’t recommend the hormone replacement therapy testosterone for women, because it can do more bad than good, according to the current research. Why? Because it can cause:
– Hair loss
– Deepened voice
– Acne
– Enlarged clitoris

So, with the efficacy still unknown, and the risk of potential side effects, there are some alternative treatments mostly advised by the doctor to change lifestyle and all. These treatments include:
– Sex therapy
– Healthy and balanced diet
– Managing stress and taking sessions if needed
– Getting enough sleep
– Taking OTC dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) supplements

Benefits of testosterone therapy in women:

•    Improved hair and skin
Testosterone replacement therapy can boost muscle and bone health in women. It can also improve skin and hair health in women that might have been damaged due to some reason.

•    Better mood
Low testosterone can cause fatigue and make you irritable, so a natural replacement of testosterone can help make your mood better by energizing you.

•    Ease the effects of menopause:
Menopause can come up with side effects like stress, weight gain, disturbed sleep, etc. testosterone replacement therapy can help fight the side effects of menopause and relieve the pain.

•    Testosterone replacement therapy for women and weight loss
It works with increased fat and helps control diet too. And reduce the risk of obesity as well.

Excessive testosterone levels in women:

Just like the low testosterone levels can be disruptive, so will the increased level of testosterone. If a woman’s body is producing a lot of testosterone then it can sometimes lead to frontal balding, irregular periods, acne, enlarged clitoris, deepening voice, and increased muscle mass. It can also cause infertility and excessive unwanted hair.

Natural testosterone replacement therapy for women:

If you are experiencing several symptoms of low T levels as we mentioned above, it might be because you are aging, if not then there could be some other health condition too.

It’s important to diagnose the exact issue, before we start a treatment. Yes, you will need a blood test for the exact diagnosis. And you can trust Valhalla Vitality for the diagnosis.

If you are experiencing fatigue, bone and muscle weakness, and other symptoms then you can contact Valhalla Vitality, and we will guide you through the whole procedure and help you know the exact issue and rather the testosterone replacement therapy is right for you or you should wait for the right time.

With prescriptions sent directly to your home, Vitality is an online holistic wellness provider serving the entire United States and offering comprehensive online testosterone replacement therapy.

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