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The following blog post is for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or diagnosis. Please consult your doctor before making any health-related decisions.

In this era, we are getting so busy day by day that at the end of the day, we get exhausted. We don’t feel like doing anything after getting home. Life these days is so busy that we don’t have time for ourselves. And being stuck in such a hectic routine, we don’t notice always that we are experiencing more fatigued than usual.

Rather it is male or female, everyone is trying their best to provide the best for the family. And, while doing that, we stress out. Our body and mind burn out. And doing that on daily basis, get us tired, frustrated, annoying, and irritable. We get mad easily. But, did you ever think that this is the only reason for your fatigue, laziness, bad mood, weakness, and being less motivated toward sex?

Well, if you are showing these symptoms, then they might not be just due to your daily hectic routine. Although these symptoms like getting tired easily, and having mood swings can be associated with exhaustion, or some other health conditions too because they are very common. But, in the meantime, these symptoms can be due to low T levels in your body.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is an androgen hormone that plays an important role in men’s health. In males, most of the testosterone is produced by testicles, while in women, most of the testosterone is produced by ovaries, which is in very smaller amounts as compared to the male hormone.

Testosterone is associated with better health development and maintenance in males. Although it is mostly known as a sex hormone, and it plays an important role in sperm production, it is also important for bone and mass muscle and works with red blood cells too. There is more to it, you will know later in the post. Keep reading.

What impacts does testosterone have on men’s bodies?

Testosterone is a male sex hormone, which increases the sex drive, generally known as libido, but it also impacts men’s bodies in many different ways. Our bodies produce testosterone, which is significantly increased during puberty, and start slowing down after 30 or so. But sometimes, it might not just be the age that slows down testosterone production, there could be some health condition too.’

Testosterone hormone doesn’t increase sex drive, it plays an important role in several other functions of the human body, like:
– Producing sperm
– Bone and mass muscle development
– Hair growth
– Facial and pubic hair might play role in balding too
– Sex drive (libido)
– Genital transformation
– Fat metabolism
– Heart health
This is why testosterone levels in the male body should not be less than average.

What happens when a man has low testosterone?

As mentioned above, you might know now, how important is testosterone production in males. Low T levels in the male body can lead to several health issues like:
– Reduced sex drive
– Less energy
– Weight gain
– Hair loss
– Stress or anxiety
– Mood swings

Now, if you show all these symptoms, then it is time to consult the doctor. It might be due to some other health condition, but in case of low T levels, a doctor may advise TRT.

Causes of low testosterone level in men:

Testosterone replacement therapy in men can be required when testosterone production decreases significantly in men’s bodies. In most cases, it is due to growing age, but there might be some other causes like:
– Genetic disorders
– Testicle injury or infection
– A side effect of chemotherapy
– Some pain relief medications can be the reason too
– Pituitary glands disease
– Alcohol and drug abuse
– Diagnosis of low testosterone levels:

When you show the symptoms mentioned above, you need to consult a doctor. As they are common symptoms, so the doctor might test you for other health conditions first, and when nothing else is wrong, then he will examine you for low T levels and ask questions about your physical and mental state.

Do I need a blood test?

Yes, if the doctor suspects low T levels in your body, he will send you in for a simple blood test to know the exact count of testosterone, because only then they can suggest a testosterone hormone replacement therapy for men.

What happens when a testosterone level in men is too high?

Just like low T levels can cause health issues, significantly high testosterone levels can also be dangerous. It can cause irritable behavior, more acne and skin issues, an increase in muscle mass and sleeping issues, and worse of it, even if you are already facing sleep issues.

Benefits of different types of testosterone replacement therapy for men:

Testosterone replacement therapy for older men and testosterone replacement therapy for young men can have different results, due to the age difference and different health conditions.

Not all benefits are clinically proven yet, but men who have had this treatment, mention that they feel a more sex-driven, energetic better mood, and stress-free after the treatment.

Testosterone replacement is also said to be good for heart health, weight loss, and insulin sensitivity.

Different types of testosterone replacement therapy:

Low T levels are treated by TRT. And it can only be prescribed by a doctor in case of significantly low testosterone levels, tested and proved by a blood test. There are different types of testosterone replacement therapy available:

•    Gel: To be massaged on the body.
•    Skin patches: To be applied on the upper body, as prescribed by a doctor.
•    Injections. To directly inject the hormone into the bloodstream
•    Oral drugs: They are not recommended because they can damage your liver
•    Pellets: They are surgically implanted
•    Tablets, that you need to keep under your teeth and dissolve to release a hormone

Usually, it takes almost 4-6 weeks to feel the change.

Natural testosterone replacement therapy for men:

Normally, testosterone levels go down as you age. But regular exercise and weight loss can help boost testosterone levels. Change in your diet from high saturated fat foods to food rich in omega-3 fatty acids and zinc with antioxidant properties can help too.

You need to change your lifestyle as you age. Changes in your diet and daily routine can help. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and reducing body fat can help boost testosterone levels naturally.

How to choose the best TRT?

Valhalla Vitality is here to help. If you feel like you are getting tired easily, less energetic, more irritable, and fussy towards everything almost, then it might be the time to have your testosterone levels tested.

If you want that to be done by expert physicians and professionals to give you expert advice, you can contact Valhalla Vitality for a holistic approach. We can guide you through the diagnosis and treatment procedure if you are new to all of this.

If you think you need to be more sexually active, more energetic, and physically fit, then it’s time for you to reach us by clicking the following links:

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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