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Starting your day off, you find it hard to manage the chores all piled up for the morning when you have to leave for work yourself. You feel anxious and frustrated at the same time. That’s normal. But it’s not if you start to feel stressed and go too far with frustration. Getting annoyed and dejected over such small matters that you couldn’t control yourself from being stressed out, then it might be leading to depression.

Getting anxious, distressed, and frustrated over small things could be your body’s reaction to a mental illness or stress disorder you are going through. If your daily tasks tire you enough to make you feel going down with body aches frequently, and feel lethargic and exhausted at the end of the day then it might be linked to your brain. All these symptoms occur frequently if you are having a stress disorder. How to deal with that? We will discuss everything. Keep reading.

What is ketamine therapy, what is it used for and how does it work?

Ketamine is a psychedelic drug that is used for psychedelic-assisted therapy for depression. Ketamine is approved by FDA. It is a general anesthetic that is used for severe mental illness and health conditions like PTSD and depression. Ketamine is recommended when the depression is resistant to medication and the person suffering is not getting any better with the use of regular anti-depressants. Ketamine therapy done with proper dosage and under professional supervision could make you feel better after just one infusion.

Use of ketamine:

Ketamine was initially used as anesthesia. It was used to treat wounded or injured soldiers in wars, and to give quick relief. And usage of the same drug during wars showed signs which brought this drug up for discussion. Soldiers that were cured by ketamine also experienced improvement with the war trauma, stress, and pain. This drug was out of the market for a couple of decades due to being suspected as an intractable drug. But later in the 2000s, it came back to business with a lot more hype. Now ketamine is approved by World Health Organization and is also being used as a treatment for patients with mental illness.

How does it work?

Although it is still not confirmed how ketamine works. The exact mechanism of ketamine will only be found after more research. But one thing known about ketamine is that it works with NDMA receptors in our brains. There are broken pathways that occur due to mental illnesses like PTSD or depression. Ketamine slows down the broken pathways and lets them regroup, which helps with decreasing depression. Ketamine therapy works by cutting off the brain from reality and making it peaceful and relaxed.

Proven efficacy of ketamine therapy and preclinical studies:

Ketamine therapy has proven efficacy for depression in several experiments. This drug has been demanded in the drug industry a lot lately. Because it seems to be a great innovation in mental illness. Ketamine therapy was provided to 25 male subjects in an experiment. Those subjects who volunteered were tested for any previous mental health conditions, drugs, and head injuries, and they were cleared and normal. Yet facing severe and treatment-resistant anxiety, they were infused with ketamine injections and were assessed one hour after the first dose. Their dosage was repeated for one week and they showed significant improvement in stress and mood swings. Later when they were tested a week and a month after the last dose, the symptoms of depression were almost gone.

Pre-clinical studies:

Ketamine was initially used as an anesthetic. It was used to treat soldiers who got injured during wars. And then it showed that the soldiers who were suffering from war trauma and anxiety were also relieved after being treated with ketamine. A few years after that, ketamine vanished from markets and came back into existence during the 2000s. It was then started being tested and studied for effectiveness against mental illness and was found highly effective and recommended for mental disorders like PTSD and anxiety.

Benefits and side effects of ketamine therapy:

We can make sure of one thing if you are suffering from something like depression or anxiety then until the end of this article, you will start looking for ketamine therapy near me. And we will be there to assist you with that too. Here are some pros and cons of ketamine therapy for depression.


Works effectively against depression

Depression is one of the most common problems faced by every 3rd person these days. And most of them are going through treatment-resistant depression. This is why ketamine therapy is being used and getting famous for being the best treatment for anxiety. It is also approved by WHO for immediate relief from pain.

Positive results

There is a huge chance of getting better with just one dose of ketamine. This is why this drug has a high success rate and is getting hyped.

Long-lasting effects

The effects of ketamine therapy last even after the therapy as well. According to a man, who had suicidal thoughts and went to take his life, was rescued at the right time. And he was infused with ketamine and he said that I didn’t have suicidal thoughts even after 9 months of the treatment.


Although there are no potential risks associated with ketamine therapy here’s what to expect:


You can feel nauseous during or after the therapy. This feeling would go away in a couple of hours.


You can experience headache and fuzzy vision, dizziness, and hallucinations but they will go away after a few hours and you will be only left with the goodness of the treatment.

Floating sensation

Since you are cut off from reality, you might feel like floating in mid-air. It makes you feel like your soul is separated from the body. But it’s nothing that can’t be taken care of.

Types of ketamine therapy:

If you are looking for ketamine therapy near my cost, then first you should know about the type of ketamine therapy you can choose. Two different types of ketamine therapy are:

Racemic ketamine

It is the most common type in which ketamine is infused directly into the bloodstream of the patient.


It is a nasal spray which is recently approved by FDA.

Valhalla Vitality

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Choose only a licensed company that provides ketamine therapy:

If you are worried about ketamine therapy near my cost, then you should first know that finding a licensed company for ketamine therapy is most important. And then you can worry about the cost as well. Valhalla Vitality is a licensed company and if you want to see yourself you can take a look at our certifications.


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