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Ketamine Clinic For Depression Near Me - Valhalla Vitality

Family is precious. Whoever is in your family means a lot to you. And they require attention and time. If you are always tired and annoyed then how are you going to deal with your relationships? Yes, it is important to work hard if you want to get along with the rest of the world, but what good it would do if you are not there for your loved ones?

Frustration, lethargy, and crankiness all the time, it is not just because you are tired and all. These are the signs that you might be going into depression. And depression is not something you can handle alone all the time. It is a disease that needs to be treated. If you want to stay focused on work, family, and yourself, without getting disturbed and frustrated then it is important to get rid of your anxiety.

Is ketamine the right treatment for depression for you?

As soon as you have started sensing things, it’s the time when you can face stressful events and circumstances at every age of life. There is nothing possible without some stress, effort, and complications. To achieve something big, you have to face a lot of things. And one of them is stress. But the point is “how to get back to normal life without letting the stress take away your senses”. To deal with this, you need to look out for a ketamine clinic for depression near me.

Ketamine hasn’t always been used against depression. It was first used as anesthesia in animals, in the 1960s. A decade later, they started using it as anesthesia in humans too. It worked significantly well. It was used in war to comfort injured soldiers.

After some time, some incidents happened, which let the doctors and researchers think of it as an effective anti-depression. Like, a man was trying to jump off the bridge, but they got him at the right time, put him in the ambulance, and gave him ketamine to calm the stress. Nine months later, he said that he never had suicidal thoughts ever again in these months. Some more examples like this and Ken Stewart started testing it as an anti-depressant.

Ketamine is a dissociative psychedelic drug that is also known as angel dust. It is significantly effective against depression and other stress-related issues. It is also helpful as a pain reliever. Ketamine is mostly safe and the right treatment for depression for you because it has proven its efficacy against severe cases of depression.

What is the evidence that ketamine therapy works for depression?

Usually, the anti-depressant drugs take days, weeks, or even months to show improvement, until then you have to wait patiently bearing all the symptoms. And sometimes they don’t even work after that too. But when it comes to ketamine, it works immediately. No need for long-term treatment.

There have been multiple studies and research that can confirm the efficacy of ketamine clinic depression. There was a study recently in which participants were given a dose of ketamine and among them, 60-70 percent of the volunteers showed promising results and improvement against depression.

Another study was held in which 25 male volunteers were injected with the regular dosage of ketamine. Each of them was injected with 0.5 mg/kg accordingly. One hour later, when they were tested again, they showed significant improvement in anxiety, stress, depression, and related symptoms. The treatment was continued for 2 weeks, and after a month, the severe cases of depression were almost healed.

Who is most likely to benefit from ketamine therapy?

Ketamine clinic depression is mostly safe and beneficial for people who don’t have psychosis issues. It works great for people who have already taken medication for depression but nothing was effective. Ketamine therapy can help people that are dealing with severe depression, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, bipolar depression, and OCD.

Is ketamine treatment for depression safe?

Yes, ketamine hasn’t shown any potential risks or threats to health. It is considered safe for depression treatment. If you are looking for a ketamine clinic for depression near me, then you can look up to Valhalla vitality. We provide safe clinical ketamine treatment.

Although ketamine clinic depression still needs more research and experimentation and it is not approved by FDA for treating depression yet. But, with the trials held earlier and ongoing research, ketamine therapy is safe for people with no such conditions as psychosis.

Should you go to a ketamine clinic for the treatment of depression?

Certainly, you should only consider the ketamine clinic for depression near me. Because it is not allowed and recommended to try psychedelic therapy at home due to possible temporary side effects like dizziness, hallucinations, and anesthetic effects.

What happens during ketamine therapy?

Ketamine therapy is combined with talk therapy but that is done after the effects of the ketamine drug vanishes. The ketamine clinic depression is started with the comfortable placement of the patient. They can listen to music for relaxation too. The patient has been given ketamine, in the form of intramuscular injections r oral tablets that will dissolve under the tongue.

A ketamine nasal spray is also a part of therapy which should be used twice in one week for one month, and once a week for the second month. Usually, ketamine treatment for depression takes as long as 2-3 weeks. But all of this should be done under professional supervision. After ketamine therapy, the patient is advised to stay for 2 more hours until the effects of the drug fade, due to any expected side effects.

Can people self-medicate with ketamine therapy for depression?

Yes, people can self-medicate with ketamine therapy for depression, but that is not the case for all patients. It can vary from person to person. It is better to get yourself treated at the clinic, after the diagnosis, and after an expert opinion. Although ketamine therapy done at home is safe and effective to get rid of depression, stress, and anxiety, it is recommended to seek help from professionals.

Are ketamine clinics for depression legal?

Yes, of course. Ketamine clinic depression re the legal and safe place to get started with the treatment for your never-ending depression. They are now gaining popularity all over the states too.

Is at-home ketamine therapy an option?

No, you should not try at-home ketamine therapy due to unknown side effects and health conditions. You should look for a ketamine clinic for depression near me and only get treated after a detailed consultation with a certified specialist.

Valhalla Vitality:

We are a legal and certified platform with a reputation to hold. So, you can come to us whenever you need assistance with your depression. Depression can be harmful to your physical and mental health. It can hurt you and your family in various ways.

So, if you are feeling like having a hard time dealing with your daily tasks, family, and your mental peace, then it is time to get yourself diagnosed if there is a stress issue with you.

Valhalla Vitality provides professional consultants for detailed diagnosis and treatment with ketamine therapy for depression. All you need to do is give us a call and book your appointment before letting it get worse.

Phone: +1 516 266 6186

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