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Almost everyone is struggling with mental health these days. If not big, everybody, almost everybody faces something minor like work stress, financial challenges, and more. These days, it is not a big deal to get anxiety or stress disorders because of the crisis this world is going through.

Ever since the pandemic has taken over the world, people are going through mental and physical troubles continuously. Viral infections are stronger, financial challenges are harder and nothing seemed to be cured easily. In such a situation, when the world is still going through after effects of COVID and facing natural disasters as well, it is a blessing to be mentally and physically healthy. but if you are among those million people having a hard time with mental troubles like anxiety or panic attacks, don’t worry. We are here with a cure. Keep reading to know more.

What is ketamine therapy for PTSD?

Mental illness is something that is scarier and even more dangerous than a physical illness. Because a physical illness is usually easy to diagnose and cure. But when it comes to mental health conditions, most people don’t recognize it at an early stage. If they do, some of them refuse acceptance. And some of them are scared to go to a psychiatrist because people would call them crazy. But anxiety, stress, or depression is just other diseases like high blood pressure, angina, or diabetes. So, a mental condition needs a diagnosis and treatment just like a physical disease.

PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental illness that can strongly affect your physical health as well. it affects badly on your life and influences people around you as well. when it worsens to the extreme, it might seem impossible to be treated. PTSD occurs as a result of something tragic, a person who has faced circumstances of a war, a terrible accident, has witnessed something horrible as a murder, or just the death of a loved one. A person going through PTSD is scared or startled easily. They become brain sensitive, start having nightmares, and are much worse.

PTSD is usually treated with therapeutic sessions, anti-depressants, and stress-relieving medicines. All these medicines take time to effect but not all people get benefit from them. So, if your depression or PTSD is resistant to all the medication and you don’t feel any better then ketamine PTSD therapy might be the option for you.

Ketamine PTSD was initially used for anesthetic purposes. But later on, when it was given to people with acute stress disorder and they started feeling better immediately, it was started testing for depression and stress disorders. Multiple tests and research show that a controlled dosage of ketamine infusion can be helpful with immediate relief from anxiety.

Signs and symptoms of PTSD:

PTSD usually occurs as a result of trauma. But how do you know that you are suffering? There are some signs and symptoms that will help you know that you might have PTSD. Everybody is different so you might feel some of them or all of them, but you will get a hint if something is wrong:


The very first and most common symptom of PTSD is having flashbacks or reliving the trauma. It can make you feel nauseous, sudden pain, or dizzy. The affected person can also experience nightmares and disturbing thoughts. Sometimes it feels like facing the incident again.

Getting startled:

A person who is struggling with PTSD could easily be startled. He/she could get disturbed by a real or imaginary reminder of an incident. A place, people, or certain things associated with the trauma could remind you of the incident and make you anxious. Such people try not to feel anything at times to not get affected by fear and distress. But that brings emotional numbness.


If a person is experiencing PTSD, then they avoid talking about the event that left trauma. They avoid people, places, and events that could remind them of the incident. They don’t like talking about the certain event because that gives them anxiety attacks.

How was ketamine therapy for PTSD discovered?

Ketamine PTSD was first started being used as an anesthetic in 1962. Later in 1966, it was successfully used on humans and animals as well. it has numbing properties that could significantly cut off the individual from reality and put them in a dreaming state, making their body feel like floating. Later in 1969, it was used as quick relief for soldiers in the Vietnam war. And that was the time when it was first discovered as an actress reliever accidentally. Then the research started but due to some reasons, ketamine use was banned suspecting it was an uncontrollable anesthetic.

But in the 2000s, ketamine came back into existence when doctors and researchers found it suitable and beneficial against stress and anxiety disorders. It provided promising results against depression even after one ketamine infusion. And it is still being studied as well as being used to treat mental illness as well.

How does ketamine therapy work for PTSD?

The first best thing about ketamine is that it works quickly and affects strongly. Ketamine was used as an anesthetic. But ketamine PTSD therapy is now creating hype in the industry of mental illness. It can not just help with pain but it also slows down broken pathways so they could regroup. These broken pathways usually happen during PTSD. It also optimizes neurological reconnections and controls the way you feel immediately after the infusion. There is still more research going on to find that how ketamine PTSD does that. But it is claimed to be the safest and most effective medication to be used in emergencies World health organization (WHO).

How ketamine therapy can help us?

Depression or anxiety disorders like PTSD can be resistant to normal anti-depressants. Most of the time, when you have it on your nerves, you won’t be able to let anti-depressants take that trauma out of your head. You will end up losing your mind and experiencing physical illness as well. But when all the hopes go in vain, it’s the time when ketamine comes into action.

Ketamine cannot just help relieve the pain, it can also reduce the stress and anxiety immediately after the therapy. It makes you feel like being cut off from the real world where only pain exists for you. And let you float somewhere in between the real world and the world of your dreams. So, when you come back to your senses, you will feel relaxed, happier, and lighter.

Ketamine PTSD therapy with Valhalla Vitality:

If you are suffering from the symptoms mentioned above or something similar, then you are looking at the right place. It is time for you to get yourself diagnosed with the problem if there is any. If you are feeling depressed, distressed, and restless most of the time, or you get nightmares then you need to visit a psychiatrist right now.

If you have already been diagnosed with something like PTSD, and you feel like your depression is medication-resistant, then you need to come to Valhalla Vitality. We have professional and cooperative staff that will help you with the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD.

We offer our services for mental illness and ketamine PTSD therapy is nothing but the best. If you don’t believe us, you need to experience this first. If you are ready to get PTSD ketamine therapy consultation with Valhalla Vitality, then it is time to book your appointment now at.

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