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Mental illness is not something to be ashamed of. Our society has made it look like a taboo so people most of the time think of it as an embarrassment to go to the therapist or psychiatrist. But there is nothing to be embarrassed about. If there is a mental health issue with you then it needs to be addressed on time. Because it is just like any other physical disease. If you don’t leave physical sickness untreated if you know about the one you have, then how come mental illness should be any less of a concern?

In this era, many people are going through different phases of stress and depression. and it is normal to be stressed sometimes, but you got to keep an eye on if it is getting worse or taking you somewhere it becomes difficult to come back. Severe depression can cause fatigue, frustration, and hopelessness and could even lead you to take extreme actions like attempting suicide. So, now you know how important it is to treat your mental health issues. What to do? Keep reading to find out!

What causes mental health issues?

Various things should be considered if you want to avoid mental health issues. But you certainly cannot help it if it’s coming towards you. There are a lot of things that add up to stress and mental illness. Sometimes there might be things that trigger something and leads you into depression. We never know when something triggers. But here are a few main causes of mental health issues:

Family history of mental sickness

The first and most important reason to be considered is if you have a family history of mental sickness. Because mental health issues can be hereditary. If your ancestors had mental health issues then you are susceptible to it too. But that doesn’t make it obvious that you would also adopt the disease. Instead, you can avoid it by avoiding the triggers like stress, social cut-off, and negative thoughts.


Any childhood trauma or even a grown-up trauma could lead to severe mental disorders as well. someone who had been a victim of abuse (physical/mental/sexual), or lost loved ones can be the reason. There could be anything from your past that was unbearable for you and you are unable to think about it. Such incidents, when reminded by something you see or someone who was associated with the incident, will trigger the trauma and it could cause mental sickness.


Some infections leave long-lasting effects even if they are cured. And some physical health conditions are associated with brain health as well. So, there might be an infection you have suffered from that can cause mental sickness.


Head injuries in childhood can also be the reason for the disruption and cause brain damage as well.

Pre-birth problems

Pre-birth problems like improper brain development due to some reason, or lack of oxygen while giving birth could lead to serious brain health issues as well.

Unhealthy routine

If you don’t have a healthy physical and mental routine, like you don’t go to bed on time, improper sleep, improper diet, and negative thoughts could trigger the stress factor as well.

Mental conditions:

Mental conditions can be categorized a long way. You should know if you are suffering from something like that:


Being nervous about a specific event or something special is normal. When you are excited or worried about something then it is human nature to get a little nervous or anxious at times. But if you feel extreme anxiety, panic attacks, sweating, and heart racing and you couldn’t cope with the situation then that is something a little abnormal and considered as anxiety, and needs to be treated.


Depression could trigger if you keep staying alone, cut off from your social circle, avoid any social encounters and lose interest in doing even your favorite things. Negative thoughts, hopelessness, and feeling empty are the most common signs of depression. it makes you walk away from your daily routine life, you find everything you need to do as a burden, get tired and frustrated easily and nothing seems to be fun.


Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a mental issue when you are obsessed with a certain ritual or task. Some people are obsessed with cleaning and they cannot stand anything misplaced in the house or anywhere. Some people are obsessed with getting germs and infections so they keep washing their hands and disinfecting everything.

Hyperactive disorder (ADD/ADHD)

The hyperactive disorder is usually diagnosed in childhood. When a kid is unable to focus on something for a long time. Such people will act quickly and thoughtlessly, they are genius but they don’t put their minds to a lot of thinking before acting on something. They would hurriedly do something to move on towards something.

Ketamine treatment

Valhalla Vitality anxiety and OCD treatment center provide various therapies and solutions for all these mental health issues including anxiety, OCD, and depression. one of the best solutions is a ketamine treatment which is tried and tested for treating several mental conditions.

Psychiatry consultation

Valhalla Vitality also has professional staff who is capable of providing psychiatry consultation to anyone who needs that. We treat our clients with proper diagnosis and detailed consultation.

We work with age groups

At Valhalla Vitality, we work with different age groups of people. Young adults starting from ages 18-24 can visit us for any guidance or therapy. Adults from age 25-64 are more prone to depression and anxiety disorder, so our anxiety and OCD treatment center also provides special services for this age group. Senior citizens of age 65 can also be helped and can visit us any time.

Services we offer

We are offering various treatment services for our clients because we know how hard is it to survive through mental disorders. We make sure to help our clients with the best services like:

Prescribing psychotic medications

Although medications are not always recommended, required, or necessary. But when the case cannot be handled with just therapies then we prescribe psychotic medications which help with the healing process.

Calculated medication

Psychotic medication can be addictive if taken in high dosage and is not being monitored. So we provide medication management services as well so that the right amount of right medication is given to patients under observation.

Therapies and consultations

For those patients who have suffered from trauma or substance abuse issues and are now struggling with mental health issues, we provide different therapies to help those patients.

How to choose the best anxiety and OCD treatment center?

When you are looking for the best anxiety and OCD treatment center, make sure that the facility is staffed with qualified and experienced personnel. They have the latest equipment on board and trained attendants as well.

Valhalla Vitality

We are the exclusive anxiety and OCD treatment center, and we are known for providing professional services. If you are struggling with mental health issues, or you see any symptoms that can point to stress or depression then you need to take a check immediately. For your satisfaction, you can take a look at the reviews of our contented clients and after that, you can contact us as soon as you like.

Why choose us?

We are a licensed anxiety and OCD treatment center. We have a great deal of staff, the latest equipment, and trained professionals. You will not regret visiting our facility. So if you are having any stress-related issues, you can come right to us.

Phone: +1 516 266 6186

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