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Technology and the latest inventions have made everything easier for everyone. People seem to be relying a lot on technology and can’t function without gadgets. But even with all the help and accomplices, things are still getting tricky and time-taking. We are being, even more, busier than ever. It looks like our daily tasks keep increasing day by day.

Back when there was no technology and people had to do everything manually, and yet they managed to wake up by sun dawn and complete all the tasks to end their day by sunset.

The point is when we work so hard, and rely on tech so much, we make things easier for ourselves but that adds up to more tasks in our daily chores. And by working so hard, we have made our lives difficult. This stress that comes with work, tech, and gadgets, can make you feel depressed.

And depression or anxiety doesn’t come alone, they bring along multiple other health conditions as well. So, it is important to take care of your physical and mental health with the help of supplements. One of the best supplements that can help with both is THCV. Keep reading to know more about it.

What is THCV and how it’s produced?

What is THCV and how it’s produced?

THCV is one of the main compounds of cannabinoids. The cannabis plant has multiple compounds and not all of them are safe to consume. THC is a compound that can cause high and could be addictive as well as harmful if consumed in high quantities. Whereas THCV mostly has the same effects and features, it doesn’t cause high. That is what makes it different from THC it can be consumed at any time without fear of psychoactive effects. It is not addictive as well.

Tetrahydrocannabivarin or THCV is a great invention in the mental health medical industry because it is a supplement made from natural herbs. It can be significantly beneficial for mental and physical health as well.THCV is produced from the cannabis plant with the help of the latest equipment, under the supervision of lab professionals. So that the purest form of THCV is produced and provided to the drug industry.

How THCV impacts the body and health? What do scientists say about it?

THCV is best used for medicinal reasons. It is a great invention in the drug industry because THCV supplements can positively add up to improve your physical and mental health. It can be used for therapeutic purposes and is also effective for that.

THCV frequently experiments with rodents, and they have shown several benefits when it comes to eating disorders, diabetes, weight loss, and anxiety problems. Scientists have experimented with THCV for various health conditions but there aren’t many human trials yet.

Research has shown that THCV provides effective results against type-2 diabetes and anxiety disorders like PTSD. In some clinical trials, THCV also holds the properties of relieving pain and other symptoms of chemotherapy side effects.

Why is this all the hype about THCV?

THCV has created some hype in past few years. It’s been getting so popular in the drug industry. But what is the reason behind THCV getting all the fame? What is so good about THCV? THCV supplements are doing wonders when it comes to mental and physical health.

Nowadays, everybody is surviving on pills. To fight diseases, weak immune systems, deficiencies, and much more. It’s either multivitamins, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, or just regular paracetamol. This means pills are part of life now. So, why don’t you try THCV supplements?

There are a few reasons why they are getting so popular. And one of them is that they are made of natural herbs, without any harsh or harmful chemicals. So, if the question is; what is THCV good for?”, the answer won’t just be finished in one line.

Here are a few good things that make THCV popular:

Anxiety disorders

THCV works efficiently against anxiety disorders. It helps change the mood and make you feel positive. It helps with panic attacks as well. THCV improves brain health and reduces the risk of multiple brain disorders like PTSD, Alzheimer’s, and depression.


THCV improves blood sugar levels hence reducing the need for insulin. It has shown efficacy against type-2 diabetes.

Diet weed

THCV works like an appetite suppressant. It can help obesity patients by controlled munching because THCV can help control diet as it doesn’t let you feel hungry again and again. This is the reason why researchers call it a “diet weed” because this weed is healthy and beneficial for multiple conditions.

Pain killer

THCV is an effective pain reliever because it helps with the discomfort associated with multiple health conditions. So, it can also be used as a pain killer for the continuing pain and discomfort experienced by some other health conditions.

Bone health

THCV can help improve bone health by making them strong. THCV can tether bone marrow cells and help improve bone health. So, it is time you can try THCV instead of calcium.

Improved metabolism

THCV can help improve metabolism, hence making it easier for you to digest food and reduce fat.

Our best THCV


Hypavar is a THCV concentrate composed of Valhalla vitality for their clients. We have made this product to help our clients who are struggling with regular stress or anxiety or even weight loss.

Hypavar is composed of natural ingredients and it has no side effects so anyone can use it without any health concerns. It will only do good. So, if you are dealing with something like side effects of chemo, diabetes, chronic pain or inflammation, panic attacks, or you’re just feeling lethargic. The solution to all your problems is contained in this THCV concentrate known as Hypavar.

THCV is good in liquid form with SENDS technology

At Valhalla Vitality, we use SENDS technology for making supplements like Hypavar. So that the nutrients that take time and are complicated to be absorbed in the bloodstream, are made possible to be consumed by the human body without any trouble or side effects. This liquid form THCV will be easier to consume and more effective as well.

Buy your supplement online now

When everything else can be shopped online, why can’t it be your supplements? You need them on daily basis too. But people still get double-minded before purchasing drugs and supplements online. But you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to Valhalla vitality shop. Why?

Because we are an authentic vitality shop. We are a licensed platform that works in a facility with the latest technology and professional lab experts. Our products are made under expert supervision and we make sure to deliver the best to our clients. Our lab experts test everything and make sure that it has no harm or side effects before delivering it to the customers.

Now we have made it even easier for you by making these products available online. You can now order your product with just one click. You don’t have to go from store to store, looking for the right place to buy THCV supplements.

Because we can promise that if you are still thinking about “what is THCV good for?”, then you are going to find that out after ordering our product for the first time.

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