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THCV is a cannabinoid that is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. There are many other compounds but the main components of the cannabis plant are CBD and THC. THCV is hard to extract, but if it is extracted precisely and purely, then it can do wonders for your health.

THCV products started making their place in the medical industry a few years ago. They are now all over the market and under discussion. These products are still being tested for more evidence to let people know about potential health benefits and side effects as well. but in the test and experiments held already, it has been proved that THCV can be of great help to fight many health issues.

What products have THCV in them?

THCV Products From Valhalla Vitality Shop

THCV cannabinoid is helpful in various ways. You can achieve multiple health benefits by consuming THCV. But where do you find THCV? Well, few products are highly rich in THCV. But you can also opt for THCV supplements by some authentic brand. If you want to try different products, then some of them are mentioned below:

Girl scout cookies:

This product is highly rich in THCV and tastes extremely good too. By taking this product, you will find quick relief from anxiety and stress. It is also good for relieving pain and this product can be taken anytime during the day because of no intoxicating effects.

It can be helpful against chronic pains due to almost 20-25% of THCV and almost the same quantity of CBD and CBN. This product is one of the favorite products for medical researchers.

Durban poison:

This is another south African product. It is one of the best Thcv products in stores. If you want better focus, mental clarity, and concentration then this is the right product for you.

It can make you feel relaxed and peaceful because of its mood-changing effects. You might feel a little heaviness but that is nothing that cannot be handled by you. The peace you will find is eternal.

Doug’s varin:

This product has an extremely high quantity of THCV as well as THC, which might make you feel high or have some mind-altering effects. You must consult a doctor before taking any THCV-containing products. Doug’s Varin cannot be found easily in markets but it can be helpful against anxiety and stress.

Pineapple purps:

Just like Doug’s Varin, this product is also best against anxiety but due to high levels of THC, it can cause mind-altering effects and take you away from reality while changing your mood. So it is better not to be taken without consultation.


It is a modified version of marijuana and is famous for making you feel happy, relaxed, and stress-free. It has a sweet taste and scent with the perfect balance of light green and purple buds which will make it easier to ingest. And it can boost your energy, clear your mind and after a few hours, you will feel immense pleasure and relaxation.

Jack the Ripper:

This product might not be for you if you don’t have strong willpower. It can put you in a body lock with strong emotions and high effects. These products have high levels of THC concentrate and can be addictive. Its effects last longer than other products, but if you are strong enough, it will just make you feel energized and happy but controlled.

Pink boost goddess

Now, this product is known as a goddess because it will make you high like flying in the sky. But it can suppress diet, and stop your munchies so good go that way.

What is THCV good for?

THCV has several potential health benefits. THCV is mostly tested and experimented on animals so far, but some studies are also held on humans. Some trials have also been held on human volunteers and they have shown positive and promising results. In animal-based trials, it has also shown positive results against obesity.

When tested on human volunteers, researchers found out that THCV can help fight the symptoms of cancer and side effects of chemotherapy as well.

THCV is also being used for anxiety as it has compounds that connect with your brain receptors and change how you feel.

THCV can effectively reduce pain and help with chronic inflammation and chronic pain associated with diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and more.

THCV is also getting famous as a diet suppressant. There is a reason why it is called diet weed. It can control your munchies and make you fight obesity, stress eating, or any other eating disorders.

Do THCV products help you lose weight?
Yes, of course. THCV products can be of great aid when it comes to controlling diet. It can stop making you feel hungry all the time. It suppresses your diet so it gets easy for you to lose weight.

Are THCV products safe?

Yes, other than a few minor and temporary side effects like dizziness might occur, that too in case of products having some percentage of THC as well. but otherwise, THCV products are safe for consumption. These products are still being researched and studied, but so far, no potential drawbacks have come to the finding.

Are THCV products legal?

The legality of THCV products depends on the composition of the product. Ingredients of a product containing THCV plays role in making the product legal or not. FDA has allowed these products for research and they are also legal in some states for several medical purposes but they are not legalized properly yet.

What type of THCV products exists?

There are various products available in the market if you are looking for thcv products. But you cannot use just any of it. When going to the medical side, there isn’t anything you can just take. You need to know the reputation of the brand and the authenticity of the products. And there is one reliable, certified and authentic option for you si Valhalla Vitality Shop.

Valhalla vitality shop offers a thcv product called Hypavar and it is composed of very careful ingredients and accurate extraction of THCV. THCV is not the only compound in the Cannabis Sativa plant, which is why it is hard to separate from the other compounds. But we use SENDS technology and bring a pure product for you, so there is nothing you should worry about while purchasing this product.

What type of THCV products exists?

Hypavar helps you clear your mind, boost your immune system, boost your mental health and provide better focus. It can also help you control your diet if you want to stop munchies and lose some weight.

Hypavar – super nootropic is composed of THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) and Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin). Vitamin B12 is very important for your body and brain health. Our product is made using SENDS technology, which makes nutrients like B12, which are hard to absorb, easier for our body to absorb. You will find it more beneficial than getting injectables of vitamin B12.

Hypavar provides you with better concentration, better mood, and relief from anxiety and chronic pain. For now, Hypavar- super nootropic is available in form of concentrate. But, thcv edibles in form of gummies are also going to be available soon for your convenience.

Buy THCV products online:

If you have been searching for some unique cannabinoids after getting to know about the potential health benefits, then you are in right place. We have made this product for you with accurate and authentic ingredients, with no harsh chemicals added. So you don’t have to worry about the formula.

But you can make yourself comfortable by taking a look at the certifications of Valhalla Vitality Shop because we are a reliable and certified shop so there is nothing you should worry about. For your ease, we have made everything available on our online shop so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

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