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Psychedelic Therapy For Depression

Getting depressed is not shameful, but it’s painful indeed. In this era, fast pace world keeps you revolving and running all the time. To fulfill your financial needs and your kids’ innocent desires, you need to work hard to earn that kind of money.

Nothing comes easy. But, with all that, dealing with frustration, fatigue and stress is easy, when you don’t get enough time to relax your body and mind.

This is why many people are getting depressed and living miserable lives due to anxiety attacks, or continuing stress.

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is an innovation in the mental health industry and it has shown to be a great help for people dealing with stress and anxiety caused by different mental or physical conditions.

What is meant by PAP?

PAP has been getting popular recently, as a new and effective cure for stress troubles. Most physical conditions have effective and affordable cures. But when it comes to mental health, it is obvious that many cures for intense mental health are still under debate.

Because, the brain is a very sensitive, yet very important body part, any experiment could be dangerous and life-threatening.

But most brain conditions are related somehow to trauma, anxiety, and depression. And dealing with depression alone can help people start feeling better about the anxiety and the anxiety-related issue itself.

Psychedelic therapy or psychedelic-assisted therapy works only under clinical trials. Patients have to ingest psychedelic drugs, which alter their consciousness and can make them hallucinate. Psychedelic alone might not be that effective, so it is combined with psychotherapy.

This is why it is known as psychedelic-assisted therapy. When the patient is under mind-altering effects, he/she is eased and talked down through their problems so they feel better after even one dose.

What are the different forms of psychedelic therapy?

There are various forms of psychedelic drugs used by various physicians, it depends on the doctor what they suggest and what are they using. But there are various psychedelic drugs among which some are plant-based and some are chemical compounds.

Let’s take a look at different types of psychedelic drugs:

Ketamine: Ketamine is used for temporary memory loss and anesthetic purposes.

LSD: Lysergic acid diethylamide is kind of a chemical compound, that can be found in several plants.

MDMA: MDMA is a compound, derived from the sassafras tree. This drug called Ecstasy can create psychedelic effects and help with reducing anxiety and is known to be effective against PTSD.

DMT: DMT can be found in a few plants like Amazonian brew ayahuasca. it is highly psychoactive.

Mescaline: A compound that is gained from cacti.

Point to ponder:

Psychedelic drugs can cause hallucinations. These drugs are highly psychoactive and can have strong consciousness-altering effects, so PAP should never be done without professional supervision. Psychedelic therapy for depression has been legalized but only for clinical trials.

Uses and benefits:

Psychedelic can be effective when used for:

• Illness:

Chronic illness or terminal illness can make you feel like losing hope, happiness, and fate. If you think you are tired of fighting the disease and you feel like giving up, then it is hard to come back from it. Although suffering from something like life-threatening cancer or lifelong illness like diabetes, blood pressure or heart problems can be dreadful, you need to keep your morale high.

And if you are going deep in depression then psychedelics can help you get out of it. Although, you need to work on your willpower too. But, mental treatment along with physical treatment is also required if you want to survive and have patience against diseases.

• Depression and anxiety:

If you are facing depression and anxiety, just because there is too much to handle. You have house chores, kids, cooking, and work to handle, in such a scenario, getting depressed and easily frustrated is common. You can only get tired from your daily life, much less some extras. And to deal with the stress, you need to try psychedelic therapy for depression.

Psychedelic drugs help reduce stress and anxiety and help you face troubles you are going through and help with self-compassion.

• Post-traumatic stress disorder:

Psychedelic can be effectively used to treat PTSD. Studies proved that psychedelics can be gotten out of trauma and depression related to the trauma.

• Addiction:

Psychedelic therapy is proven to be successful at mitigating symptoms of addiction like pain, shivering, etc. According to studies and surveys, when the experiment was held, after a year of PAP, almost 67% of people bailed out on smoking, and some 16% stayed and survived without smoking.

• Eating disorders:

Many people want to avoid stress eating but they can’t. It is hard to handle stress without eating for people who are used to stress eating. Psychedelic therapy helps keep the negative thoughts away so a person learns to control himself. This is how PAP helps with eating disorders by helping with stress control.

How does psychedelic therapy help to deal with depression?

Psychedelic therapy creates hallucinating effects. It is almost like something you see in movies. But the difference is that they use psychotherapy to content you, but along with that, you have to ingest psychedelic-containing substance which takes you to the other world.

Your consciousness is altered, and you start hallucinating, which helps you to release negative thoughts and stress out of your mind and makes you feel light and relaxed when you come out of the drug effects.

Studies about psychedelic therapy for depression:

The efficacy of psychedelic drugs has been proved by different studies. Beckley / Imperial Research Program conducted an experiment in which 20 people volunteered. Those people were suffering from severe depression and had already tried a couple of treatments but none of them worked.

So, these patients with treatment-resistant depression were given 2 doses of psilocybin, once for 2 weeks. The first week’s dosage was 10 mg, and 2nd week’s dosage was 25 mg.

Only after the first dose, do they start feeling the change. Treatment was continued for 5 weeks and it showed significant improvement in patients with severe depression.


When we talk about the multiple benefits of psychedelic therapy, there are also a few risks:

So, these patients with treatment-resistant depression were given 2 doses of psilocybin, once for 2 weeks. The first week’s dosage was 10 mg, and 2nd week’s dosage was 25 mg.

Only after the first dose, do they start feeling the change. Treatment was continued for 5 weeks and it showed significant improvement in patients with severe depression.

• Psychosis:

Mind-altering drugs are used for PAP, which is why they can make you feel high, and you feel that your connection with the real world is lost. This is known as psychosis.

• Fear:

What we see in movies, is that they hypnotize and make you face your worst fear. In psychedelic therapy, it doesn’t work like that. But these drugs can make you hallucinate and see flashbacks of your worst memory.

• Cardiovascular issues:

Psychedelic drugs are only legalized and advised to be used in a clinic under supervision. These drugs can cause a temporary increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Although these symptoms go away later.

Finding a professional in psychedelic therapy NYC:

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And we will make sure of a personalized diagnosis and treatment to your satisfaction.

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