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Ketamine Psychedelic Therapy By Valhalla Vitality

Ketamine is known as a “dissociative anesthetic” because it creates a wall against stress and anxiety. It doesn’t let you feel pain. Ketamine N-methyl-D-aspartate is an antagonist, which is used in general anesthesia. Its anesthetic effects create hallucinating effects and the patient slowly let the stress and pain go away.

Ketamine is legalized and it has been used safely for anesthetic purposes in humans, animals, pets, and livestock as well. It is FDA authenticated and has now shown significant improvement and progress when being used with psychotherapy.

Ketamine’s mechanism of action for psychedelic therapy:

Ketamine is effective in mental practice. Sub-sedative organizations of ketamine have been displayed to particularly further develop side effects of sadness and anxiety.

While the developing off-mark utilization of ketamine addresses the requirement for novel ways to deal with mental consideration and treatment-safe sickness, it likewise presents a moral quandary, wherein boundless reception has by and by jumping in front of logical comprehension.

Ketamine is a professionally prescribed drug utilized for general sedation. In subanesthetic portions, it actuates significant hallucinogenic encounters and fantasies.

The subanesthetic impact of ketamine was the conjectured restorative component in the creators’ utilization of ketamine-helped psychotherapy for liquor addiction.

Ketamine goes strongly at the NMDA receptor, a glutamatergic, ligand-gated particle channel. As a speedy boost, gamma-aminobutyric corrosive (GABA) is an inhibitory synapse that attempts to settle the degrees of glutamate delivered in the mind. Glutamate is an excitatory synapse. Ketamine ties to the NMDA receptors found on GABA-eric interneurons and repress GABA discharge.

Home or In-clinic use of ketamine for psychedelic therapy?

Ketamine IV and IM are recommended to be used in clinics. But ketamine is not harmful, and it doesn’t have strong mind-altering effects that can put someone in danger. Lozenges can be used for at-home therapy.

And if the patient is too old, or disabled to go to the clinic, then doctors can also come and provide the treatment at home. Treatment is sometimes combined with IM injections and psychotherapy.

If you want to try it at home, then make sure that you have someone near you for help to grab things, or just in case you want to get up for special needs like going to the washroom. Because ketamine works like a general anesthetic drug, and it can make you feel numb at times.

Some companies also provide lozenges at your doorstep and also provide the facility of psychotherapy for patients who don’t want to leave home. Even if you want to do at-home KAP, you should consult the doctor first. Doctors will advise and let you know when you need therapy with ketamine.

Sublingual ketamine therapy is proven to be safe and sound. The efficacy of at-home therapy is also proven.

Dosage of ketamine:

When considering ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, the dosage might differ a bit. Let’s take a look at how many doses of ketamine is safe and should be used for therapy.

Dr. Dansky says that there is no specific dose of ketamine because it varies from person to person. Doctors will decide according to the patient’s mental and health condition. Most of the time, 0.3 mg/kg will be given to the patients, or it could be 0.5 mg/kg for IV, but still, that can be high as starting dosage for some patients.

So, in these cases, doctors prefer to give 100mg sublingual lozenge as an initial dose, and then they record the reaction and efficacy on the patient.

Severe disease indeed asks for higher doses, but this is not the case with ketamine. If some patients with severe anxiety or TRD (treatment-resistant depression), would be given 150-200 mg IM, that would be okay for a person with no such health conditions and will be useful.

But, if the same dose or even a little less like 100 mg is given to a person dealing with respiratory failure kind of disease already, then it could be fatal for him/her.

So, this is why, ketamine dosage doesn’t work like any other drug, and it should be only taken under professional supervision. Although, lozenges are safer for at-home therapy for starters.

Benefits and side effects of ketamine psychedelic therapy:

Benefits of ketamine

•    Ketamine is referred to and proven as highly effective against symptoms of depression and anxiety. It invigorates the regrowth of neurotransmitters (associations between neurons), really revamping the cerebrum. Studies are still undergone about why and how this drug is extremely beneficial as a treatment for anxiety and stress issues. But, it is already known that it works far better than regular anti-depressants, which take weeks or even months to start working.

•    Ketamine-treated patients explain the feeling of hallucination as being light and feeling like floating in the air like their bodies and souls are separated and they are traveling in some other world. This psychosis gives their bodies time to clean up from negative thoughts and stress-triggering emotions.

Point to ponder: 

Ketamine can be consumed in form of pills or capsules, that can be orally ingested, and some people prefer to inject it intramuscularly. But, either way, it shouldn’t be used without a doctor’s recommendation.

Risks associated with ketamine psychedelic therapy:

Although, ketamine is considered safe to use still there are some precautions that people with various health conditions should take:

•    It can temporarily increase the heart rate and blood pressure.

•    It can cause a little pressure on the brain, so people with brain swelling, glaucoma, tumors, or other issues should avoid using ketamine.

•    It is also said that long-term side effects of ketamine include bad memory, bad bladder, and sometimes serious heart and kidney conditions.

How long do ketamine effects last?

According to doctors, ketamine acts immediately, which is why it is considered much better than regular anti-depressants. And its effects can last up to 1-2 hours. Although it will have long-term effects on pain and stress, which can last for as long as a week, month, or a year.

But, the mind-altering effects of ketamine will fade away in m1-2 hours, and the person starts gaining consciousness gradually right after.

Contraindications of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy:

Although ketamine effects immediately and strongly again depression, it can sometimes have zero or very less effect on severe depression. It is just a little probability, but still, people with certain conditions like uninhibited hypertension, hyperthyroidism, and uncontrolled mania should prevent ketamine usage.

They should consult a doctor before consuming ketamine, even after waiting for their issue to be resolved and cured properly.

Finding a professional:

For ketamine psychedelic therapy in NYC, you should only choose Valhalla vitality because they are the professionals you need for testing this new but far authenticated therapy.

Valhalla Vitality is a recognized, certified and authentic provider of psychedelic-assisted therapy. And we are here to provide you complete and proper diagnosis of your stress-triggering cause and we surely will provide you with relative treatment after diagnosing your mental and health condition properly.

Choose only a licensed company:

If you are looking for outpatient ketamine psychedelic therapy then you need to be careful while choosing the source of therapy. You should only prioritize licensed companies from KAP, that is Valhalla Vitality.

Valhalla Vitality will take care of you because your mental and physical health is important, and we care for our clients. If you need an appointment, you can contact us here.

Valhalla Vitality, Queens, NY

Phone (appointments): 516-550-3625

Phone (general inquiries): 516-266-6186

Address: 92-18 Rockaway Beach Blvd, Queens, NY 11693

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