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Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Psychedelic-assisted therapy, which is sometimes also known as psychedelic-assisted therapy is a treatment for patients with mental disorders. Patients are treated with this therapy, while they are under the mind-altering effects of psychedelic drugs.

Psychedelic therapy is merged with talking sessions, and different kinds of psychedelic substances are used. Some of them are derived from plants, and the rest are chemical compounds.

Some communities have already been using this therapy as religious therapy for treating mental disorders, but to most of the communities, this therapy is relatively new and arises many questions.

But, since psychedelic drugs have been legalized, PAP is being used a lot and is favorable for various mental health conditions.

What is psychedelic-assisted therapy?

Psychedelic-assisted therapy as it is known as PAP now comes into action against mental disorders. As we all know how stress and frustration of being in lockdown and facing a worldwide crisis have played with our minds.

And now, financial crisis, bankruptcy, and other related issues have also added up to individuals’ problems in daily lives. In these circumstances, getting stressed is normal. But not everyone is good at dealing with stress and frustration. This is exactly why, in the fast-paced world, come diseases are hard to fight.

Mental disorders are becoming too common whereas the solution to mental health conditions is not working that fast or good. And the treatments available for mental disorders are mostly under debate because the brain is an intense body part to handle.

At this time, psychedelic-assisted therapy has raised new hope among patients with mental disorders. This therapy makes use of psychedelic drugs like ketamine, MDMA, LSD, and ibogaine but under professional supervision.

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is a treatment done by ingesting plant and compound-based substances, under a professional’s supervision, and they are talked through their problems, while they are under the effects of the drug. These drugs also create hallucinating effects to cure mental disorders like PTSD and anxiety.

Point to ponder:

Psychedelic drugs are plant-based, as well as chemical compounds. But they have been legalized which is why PAP is getting popular.

What are the main types/drugs for psychedelic therapy?

Psychedelic therapy is done with different drugs, most likely psilocybin, a compound that can be found in psychedelic mushrooms. It depends on the doctor, and what he prefers to use. But psychedelic drugs have shown efficacy and good results.

Some other drugs that are being used include:

LSD: it can be derived from various plants

DMT: it is a chemical compound that is also derived from plants

MDMA: a drug Ecstasy, it can be extracted from sassafras tree.

Mescaline:  derived from a specie of cactus plant.

Now, there are different types of PAP therapy, used by doctors. Although PAP is still under research and trials, so whenever this therapy is done, it is under critical professional supervision. Even the trials are clinical or non-clinical, these experimental treatments include:

Drug-assisted therapy:

It’s the usual procedure, mostly psychedelic drug ingestion followed by psychotherapy.

Only psychedelic:

Sometimes, doctors do not consider psychotherapy and only rely on giving psychedelic drugs.

Guided therapy:

This is when the patient is given a psychedelic high, and the therapist guides the person under influence of a psychedelic drug. It helps guide the patient through his troubles and makes him keep calm.

What are the benefits of psychedelic therapy?

Psychedelic therapy in NYC is getting fame and popularity as it has been a great innovation in the world of mental health. Under current studies and research, this therapy has shown some significant health benefits, mentioned as the:


Psychedelic drugs work through hallucinations, and it eases the pain and trauma. But there was an experiment held with ketamine and MDMA psychedelic and according to the research, patients treat only with ketamine showed very little progress. Ketamine along with psychotherapy results was low too. Whereas MDMA ingesting volunteers showed average progress.

Terminal illness:

It sounds terrible when you get to know about suffering from a fatal disease like cancer. And it could easily get one stressed and afraid about what’s coming next. It has been seen that people suffering from terminal illnesses could face stress and anxiety disorders.

So, research was held on a group of cancer patients treated with psilocybin, and they showed tremendous improvement in the symptoms of trauma, only after one dose.

Another research was held with patients suffering from life-threatening cancer and showed similar growth and progress. The hopelessness, fear, and anxiety were reduced up to 70% in the patients. They even showed a positive change in behavior, moods, and relationships.

Patients who volunteered for the experiment also mentioned having mystical and spiritual experiences, which made the dread go away.


Psychedelic drugs can be useful for anxiety and depression that are not related to terminal illness. Anxiety disorders are getting very common. But with psychedelics, your mental health might not be changed, but you get self-compassion and find yourself fighting against evil and negative thoughts, that are causing anxiety.

Psychedelic makes you feel calm and eases the stress, letting you think and reevaluate. According to the research, volunteers facing severe anxiety were given 2 doses of psilocybin, one week each. And they continued the treatment for 6 months. But, only after 5 weeks, did the participants show a significant reduction in the symptoms of anxiety and started feeling better.


Psilocybin can also help reduce the symptoms of addiction, which can make it easier to get rid of the abusing substances. Also, stress and trauma associated with the addiction can be relieved. Research shows that volunteers treated with psilocybin showed significant improvement with the severe symptoms of addiction, and it also helped with mood swings and anxiety.

What are the risks and side effects of psychedelic therapy?

Since this therapy has shown efficacy and significant improvements in treating mental disorders, it also has been associated with some potential risks and side effects including:


Psychedelic works with strong hallucinating effects, that are mind-altering. So, they might experience their worst fears and anxiety through the hallucinations.


Due to significant mind-altering effects, psychedelic kind of creates a wall between reality and hallucinations, so it causes psychosis.

Increased heart rate:

The use of psilocybin can cause an increase in heart rate, and blood pressure and can even cause headaches. It can also elevate body temperature. But all these symptoms will go away with time, after each use.

You need to have a professional consultation and analysis before starting Psychedelic therapy:

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is still under research and studies are undergone. So, if you want to try psychedelic therapy then you can only go through a clinical trial. Ketamine is used for temporary sedation and anesthesia. And psychedelic drugs can cause strong hallucinating effects, which is why they should only be done under professional supervision.

Valhalla Vitality – Psychedelic Therapy Centers in NYC:

Valhalla Vitality offers psychedelic-assisted therapy in NYC under the supervision of experts. Psychedelic therapy centers in NYC are of great help for people suffering from mental health conditions.

These therapies offered by Valhalla Vitality have minimum risks and side effects, and efficacy is guaranteed. We provide the best PAP services for people dealing with PTSD, illness-related trauma, or addiction stress.

And our clients have shown significant improvements.

Consult Valhalla Vitality for personalized diagnosis and treatment:

If you are feeling stressed over anything, or are dealing with anxiety disorders and you don’t know the reason behind this, then you can contact us without any hesitation.

We will provide proper diagnosis and treatment according to your health condition. You can contact us for more details and book your appointment. Here’s the link to our contacts.

Choose only a licensed company- Valhalla Vitality:

Do not get distracted by the fakers. Make sure to choose only a licensed company- Valhalla Vitality. You can see licensed certifications on our website too.

Valhalla Vitality, Queens, NY

Phone (appointments): 516-550-3625

Phone (general inquiries): 516-266-6186

Address: 92-18 Rockaway Beach Blvd, Queens, NY 11693

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