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The next CBD? How THCV may help you lose weight, increase focus and provide energy.

With the passing of the Farm Bill, the world of hemp extracts has opened many new and interesting hemp-basedproductsfrom this amazing plant.Hemp, although similar to its plant cousin Marijuana, provides similar benefits without the “high” associated with THC. The first major extract to hit the market that is available in both hemp and marijuana is cannabidiol, better known as CBD. This nutrient took the market by storm just over 5 years ago and enjoys a robust market that is quickly becoming more mainstream. Used primarily for pain and relaxation, CBD preparations are sold at most nutrition retailers, and even some national drug stores. CBD has been promoted for everything from pain management to helping fight cancer and reduce symptoms of disorders such as epilepsy.

To avoid the legal issues of marijuana extracts, other fractions of the hemp plant have been popping up to help bring relief for a variety of health-related issues. One such fraction that is just gaining popularity is THCV (delta 9 tetrahydrocannabivarin) extracted from hemp. Unlike it’s cousin THC, this extract doesn’t seem to have any intoxicating effects but may still yield some amazing health benefits.


THCV may have some serious benefits for those wishing to lose a few pounds. According to a 2014 paper in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, it has been reported to vastly reduce appetite and the desire for food as a reward system. Appetite is more than just feeling hungry, it is paired with the reward system when food is ingested. THCV may block the potential for this desire for a dopamine reward, disguised as food by increasing the effect that food has for pleasure while reducing appetite.

In addition, a 2016 study published in the journal Diabetes Care, THCV has been shown to reduce blood glucose levels and increase the ability of the pancreas to make insulin. Also, a 2013 paper showed that THCV may improve insulin sensitivity which may lower the amount needed for processing carbohydrates. Excessive insulin has been shown to increase fat storage and cravings in both healthy and diabetic people. This lowering of blood sugar could have a profound impact on those wishing to lose weight. Thus, taking THCV before eating may both reduce the intake of food, resulting in lower calories but may also help reduce the amount of insulin needed to process that food. Thus this dual action approach could be a potent weapon in those wishing to diet and lose weight.


Quitting nicotine can be one of the most difficult addictions to break but there may be some help in the fight by taking THCV. THCV was shown in a 2019 paper in the British Journal of Pharmacology to reduce the cravings for nicotine and reduce the chance of becoming re-addicted to nicotine once a person has quit smoking. Additionally, the paper speculates that THCV may be able to help other addictions in a similar capacity maybe even helping people quit smoking marijuana, as THCV competes with the “high” effects of marijuana use.


Similar to CBD, which can activate the CBD2 and block the CBD2 receptors, THCV may offer similar protection from pain. While not necessarily healing pain, the impact of these receptors may reduce the feelings of pain that comes with inflammation. As a CBD1 partial agonist, THCV may reduce pain in a similar capacity to CBD while having other health benefits.


This potent extract of the hemp plant may also have numerous neural benefits. Shown to have a positive impact on inflammation, seizures and many psychological diseases. THCV has been shown to reduce anxiety along with potentially ameliorating obsessive compulsive disorder. THCV’s biggest benefit may be on the in helping one make decision in combination with a stressed state. In a 2015 paper in the International Journal of Neuropharmacology, THCV has been shown to offer some connectivity benefits in two key areas of the brain by providing better communication between the “primitive brain” and higher functioning brain tissues. This allows more rational decision making under stressed conditions which can lead to better logical comprehension.

Along with reducing seizures, THCV may impact people with Parkinson’s Disease, which is attributed to the reduction in dopamine sensitivity.


THCV is an exciting new extract from the hemp plant that may provide numerous health and mental benefits for people wishing to optimize their health. It is unknown whether THCV is more similar to THC or CBD when it comes to oral bioavailability so it is important to use the best form of delivery for taking this molecule. It is likely more orally bioavailable than CBD while providing many of the health benefits and may additionally help with mood and focus.

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