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What are bioidentical hormones?

These days everyone is aware of bio-identical hormone therapy. You might have seen this therapy too. What do you think this therapy is all about? The name of the therapy is quite confusing. This is not a therapy in which you will get what your body needs. It is a therapy in which the hormones are made in the labs in the same way that they will be made in your body.

Conventional hormone therapy vs. Bioidentical hormone therapy

So, there are two main types of therapy: conventional and bioidentical. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so weighing your options before deciding which one is right for you is essential.

Conventional therapy uses synthetic hormones chemically similar to your body’s hormones. These drugs are typically well-studied and approved by the FDA, so they tend to be safe and effective. However, because they are not identical to your body’s natural ones, they can sometimes cause side effects like nausea, weight gain, and mood swings.

Bioidentical therapy uses hormones identical to the ones your body produces. These drugs are usually less well-studied than conventional therapies, but they may be more effective because they closely match your body’s chemistry. They can also cause fewer side effects since they are more natural. However, they may be less safe because they are less well-regulated than conventional therapies.

Who shouldn’t go to Bioidentical hormones clinics?

After carefully observing the benefits and side effects, hormone therapy is an important decision made by your doctor. Bioidentical hormones clinics provide compassionate therapy. Because the FDA does not approve it, this therapy is controversial, but it does not mean that your doctor or healthcare person will take them out of their treatment.

This therapy shows side effects if your reports show a high risk of blood clotting, cardiac illness, stroke risk, or breast cancer.

How are Bioidentical hormones used?

The human body shows different behavior at different ages. The level of various hormones decreases with age. Certain hormones are found in males and females and play essential roles in their bodies.

These are estrogen & progesterone. If they are deficient then you can see different effects, such as:

• Loss of memory

• Mood swings

• Weight changes

• Sleeping problems

• Vaginal dryness

• Hot discharge of flashes

• Sex interest is decreases

Bioidentical hormones & Conventional hormone therapy are chiefly used to treat these low hormones. Once the treatment show improvement, most patients see their symptoms become low. However, no such statement supports that this bioidentical contains similar final results compared to conventional hormone therapy. Based on the patient’s symptoms, doctors suggested replacing hormones with specific treatments.

How common are Bioidentical hormones?

This therapy is used mainly by U.S. women. A study showed around 1-1.25 million over 40 age women are using this compound hormone therapy.

How do Bioidentical hormones clinics work?

Bioidentical hormone clinics provide treatment in different forms.

These are:

• Pills or capsule

• Creams

• Injections

• Pellets in implanted form

• Gels

• In patches form

The doctors suggest to their patients which method is more valuable according to their health. Patients can try more than one form by getting the results at the end of treatment.

How does my healthcare provider select my dose?

Doctors examine their patients during treatment. They aim to increase symptoms by using the lowest medicine possible for a short time. Doctors set their patient’s appointments for tests. The patients have routine blood, urine & saliva test to know the result of these medications on their bodies. Doctors change your medicine according to the changes.

How long does it take for Bioidentical hormones to start working?

The period varies to work. Some people get the result in starting period, whereas some patients get the result in a month. It takes around three months to show the full effect of any therapy that’s done by bioidentical hormone clinics.

What are the side effects of Bioidentical hormones?

FDA approved Drug Companies informed of any side effects related to that drug. The information related to the medication is contained in the paperwork before picking up those drugs from any drugstore.

Pharmacies with compound hormones in their store need to submit the paperwork according to their side effects. It shows that according to the pharmacist, they show positive, whereas the doctor does not know anything about the side effect of that drug.

The side effect mostly shows because your body is not used to the drug-related high levels. The side effects become lower as the body gets used to the drug. In some rare cases, the medication needs to be stopped or changed.

When should I see my healthcare provider?

Call your doctor if you have any side effects after getting treatment from bioidentical hormone clinics. The side effect is only unmanageable if your hormone level is too high. It is better to talk to your doctor before taking any treatment, so you know better the impact of that treatment on your body.

Choose only a licensed company that provides Bioidentical therapy.

Valhalla Vitality is a holistic wellness center focusing on bioidentical therapy. Our staff of doctors, specialists, nutritionists, and therapists are here to help you attain your healthful life. Our doctor team will support you and work with you to locate your problem and create a treatment plan for a healthy life.

We offer treatment for both men and women to treat their hormonal issues showing a low testosterone level, infertility, PCOS in women, and more.

If you want to learn more about our Bioidentical Hormone clinic or other treatments at Valhalla Vitality, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Phone: +1 516 266 6186

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