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What Is Psychedelic Therapy?

As you all know what the world is going through these days. With diseases like COVID, monkeypox, and natural disasters like floods taking over all of the world, everyone is depressed to some extent.

The financial crisis, crashing economy in most countries, and many other problems are surrounding us in many different ways. In these circumstances, it is not just hard to survive it is impressive, if you cope with all these situations, and still bloom and gloom.

But, if you are not that strong, and don’t have outstanding willpower, then you can easily get depressed and frustrated with everything going on. Because all these things are affecting our brains in some way or the other way. If we are not getting affected apparently, still there are some fears like bankruptcy, getting sick, or not being able to provide enough and the best for your kids.

Which makes our daily lives hectic and makes us feel desperate while trying to do our best. In these circumstances, it is very normal to get panicked and suffer from something like anxiety attacks. What is psychedelic therapy? With mental diseases taking over swiftly, psychedelic drug-assisted therapy has come into existence like a miracle.

What is psychedelic therapy?

What is psychedelic therapy? Psychedelic therapy or psychedelic drug-assisted therapy is your solution to all the problems you are dealing with. Or let’s say, all the problems we have mentioned above. Because, at some point, you might be dealing with some or any of these issues or something other than this too.

Because this is life and uncertain and unwanted things keep happening, we can do nothing about them. What is psychedelic therapy? What we can do is to make ourselves strong enough to face them and fight them.

But, sometimes, we are unable to handle shocks and stress. At that time, it is obligatory to deal with stress the right way and right away. Because if you keep taking it for granted, the results will be worse for you and it will be harder to come back from it. So, if you think you’re suffering from something like stress, PTSD, anxiety, or anything related to all these, then psychedelic therapy is your best bet.

What is psychedelic therapy? PAP or psychedelic-assisted therapy is named like this because it works with psychedelic drugs. This is psychotherapy that is merged with drug ingestion. Different drugs are being used for this therapy, but the most effective, comparatively safe, and recommended drug for psychedelics is ketamine. But, whatever drug is being used, it is important to get this therapy done under supervision.

How does it work?

If you are wondering about how this therapy works, then here is a review for you. This therapy is completely safe and sound when it is done with the right drug association and under the supervision of professionals.

The patient has to intake psychedelic drugs, the usage of which depends on doctors. Different physicians prefer different drugs. And when the drug is ingested by the patient, he is supposed to lie down in a comfortable position to let the drug work. Because it might take some time for the drug to show effects.
As soon as the patient start feeling light and comfortable, the talk therapy gets started by the psychiatrist.

These drugs work by creating hallucinating effects, which make the patient see some beautiful things, and also feel like drifting, as it makes your brain and body relaxed and light. And when the patient gains consciousness back, he/she will be feeling better, might be a little dizzy, but relaxed and relieved from stress.


There are different types of drugs being experimented with for psychedelic therapy. And not all of them are authorized for psychedelic use yet. But, the drugs currently working with therapy have shown efficacy and positive results. This is why this therapy has been legalized to be done in clinical trials.

Here are the types of drugs being used for psychedelic therapy:






Studies about psychedelic therapy:

According to previous studies, during the 1950s to 1970s, these drugs were discontinued as in they were considered illegal to use, produce or consume. It was because they were only considered as abusing drugs. But, later on, scientists put their efforts and researching this drug from start. Which brought up some surprising benefits and positivity about this drug.

Psychedelic medicines are extracted from the plant known as magic mushrooms. This drug is tested to be a psychopharmaceutical drug, and it is getting famous for its therapeutic effects now. These careful clinical trials and limited research have found this medicine to be miraculously therapeutic and safe besides some minor and temporary side effects.

Some studies by john Hopkins also concluded that this medicine can be significantly effective against stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. The volunteers of this drug test have also shown efficacy as this drug was tested for over a year.

Uses and benefits:

According to the studies done till now, psychedelics have shown great benefits, which is why it is being used widely to treat mental illness. Following are the uses and benefits of these drugs:

•    Illness:

These drugs like ketamine help treat the illness, as they have therapeutic as well as anesthetic properties. Which can make a patient feel quick relief from the illness and pain.

•    Depression and anxiety:

These drugs have been a great source of treatment for mental disorders, stress, and anxiety. With the help of these drugs and therapy, depression and anxiety could be minimized and eradicated.

•    Ptsd:

Psychedelic drugs also fight depression and trauma that might be the result of PTSD. It can help fight back fear and trauma, by creating hallucinogenic effects.

•    Addiction:

People dealing with addiction issues can also get benefit from the usage of psychedelics. Because PAP is drug-assisted therapy, in which, a patient can be talked into the right path, by creating hallucinating effects through the drug.

•    Eating disorders:

Eating disorders are often related to stress and anxiety issues. Many people are used to “stress eating”. And many stop eating while being stressed. And both of them are extremely dangerous for the metabolism. And psychedelics can assist with eating disorders by reducing stress.


While having all these benefits, there are also some downsides to these drugs. Let’s take a look, to be careful while using them:

• Psychosis:

You would be taken to another world, while you are under the effects of drugs. It could cut you off from reality. And that might cause psychosis. Because it takes time to feel the difference between the real world and hallucinations.

•    Fears:

With the usage of these drugs, you might see your fears from memories. The one that has been your biggest fear since childhood. Or one that you are always afraid of, to happen anytime. It could cause flashbacks too.

•    Cardiovascular issues:

With brain wires being tampered with, your mood swings can also affect your heart rate. People already dealing with heart health and high blood pressure should avoid these drugs, as they can increase your heart rate and blood pressure too.

Finding a professional:

Our job is to guide you and help you find the best. This is why we recommend you find Valhalla vitality with your assistance. Finding a professional in psychedelic therapy in NYC, we offer our services as the best psychedelic therapy providing certified center. At Valhalla vitality, we make sure to provide detailed exams and treatment accordingly.

Valhalla Vitality:

Valhalla Vitality is working for the betterment of people, and the world, as the world is going down with all these mental health issues. So, if you feel like you need something to energize your mind, and get rid of some unwanted fears, then you can come to us, or just book an appointment online.

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