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Psychedelic Assisted Therapy – Here’s What You Need To Know

Nowadays, many stress issues keep popping up for most people. We are living in a world where things are getting intense day by day. And to deal with that, we need strong minds and healthy bodies. But physical health is very much associated with mental health. So, it is important to keep yourself mentally active and healthy to stay safe and strong.

There is no shame in dealing with mental issues with the help of a psychiatrist. Stress disorders are just like we have any other physical issue. So, it is important to get treated for that, otherwise, you are never able to stay happy and satisfied. There are so many treatments, therapies, and sessions available for this purpose. And one of them is PAP. This innovation has been changing the history of the mental health industry.

What is psychedelic drug-assisted therapy?

It is a therapy that is associated with drug ingestion. It may work like other psychotherapies, but it has a little bit different method. PAP or psychedelic-assisted therapy is usually assisted with the drug. It is like, before you start talk therapy, you have to ingest a psychedelic drug. Because it makes up your mind and gets you ready to be talked out of your stress issues.

A lot of stress and frustration people are dealing with these days, creates an alarming situation in the world of mental health. These depression scenarios are leading to multiple mental disorders. At a time like this, an innovation like psychedelic therapy is a miracle.

And how this therapy works, it is providing remarkable results. How does this therapy work? It can be only done in clinics, and under supervision. Because it is based on a drug intake followed by talk therapy. Different psychedelic drugs with different efficacy are being used for PAP.

What psychedelic drugs are used for treatment?

Psychedelic drug therapy is psychotherapy that is combined with the consumption of a certain drug. But these drugs can have hallucinating effects, and they can make you feel dizzy, so it should only be done under a professional’s supervision. But what drugs are used for this treatment? Let’s take a look:

Ketamine: Ketamine drug is most commonly used when it comes to psychedelic therapy. This drug has more benefits and few drawbacks, which is why it is used widely and effectively against depression.


•    Ketamine has a high rate of success. It is tested to be an effective anti-depressant. It can also be used for an aesthetic purpose, but it works great against stress.

•    It works speedily and provides quick relief from pain and stress. It is found to be working within hours.

•    The effects of ketamine are long-lasting. Even after one therapy with ketamine, there could be really promising results, and you might not need it again very soon. But keep it according to your doctor’s prescription.


•    This drug can have hallucinating effects.

•    It can make you feel dizzy and see things.

•    Although these side effects are temporary they can blur your vision, so make sure not to be alone after the therapy, and always get this done under supervision.


LSD is also one of the psychedelic drugs that are used for therapy. But it is not used under normal and simpler scenarios. Because it is a drug with potentially strong effects and could have some severe side effects when taken in larger doses.


•    It creates strong hallucinating effects, which makes it easy for people to be talked down through their problems. And they start feeling comfortable.

•    LSD works efficiently against anxiety and stress, because it works with your brain, and alters the way you feel about anything.


•    LSD has strong hallucinating effects that are highly concern when this medication is being used to treat patients. Patients with less willpower should not use this drug.

•    It can cause quick flashbacks, rise your fears from the past, and could cause psychosis.

•    It also causes floating effects. Like your soul is separated from your body.


DMT drug is also used for psychedelic clinical trials. But, overall, this drug is not legally approved yet. The reason is its strong hallucinating and abusive effects.


•    DMT is used for creating hallucinating effects during talk therapy.

•    It can completely alter the mind of a patient, which makes it easy to make the patient feel better after talk therapy.


•    It creates strong abuse and hallucinogenic effects which can be dangerous.

•    It can be highly addictive.

•    This drug is also used by addicts, which is why this drug is illegal.


MDMA is also illegal and it is called Ecstasy as well. It is not authorized to be used as a psychedelic on patients. Only researchers have access and authorization to use this for further tests.


•    It was initially supposed to be used as a diet suppressant. But with the current research, this product has no medical benefits, according to the research done so far.


•    It can have multiple side effects, as it plays with your brain and it can:

•    Increase heart rate, and blood pressure.

•    Regulate sex activity

•    Mood swings


Mescaline is a psychedelic drug extracted from plants. And these drugs can have different effects varying from person to person.


•    It can help people fight anxiety by creating hallucinating and floating effects.


•    It can be addictive.

•    It is illegal.

•    Make you visualize things with opened or closed eyes.

How do psychedelic drugs work?

Psychedelic drugs usually start working a few minutes after being ingested. The patient is put in a comfortable position and lets the drug work its magic before starting talk therapy. Once the drug has started working, the psychiatrist starts talking to the patient. Once, the therapy is finished, the patient starts feeling light and relieved. But they could feel dizzy and floating, which is why they shouldn’t be left alone right after the therapy.

How does psychedelic drug-assisted therapy affect the brain?

Psychedelic drugs used for therapy can have strong psychoactive effects. It can cause mood swings and make you feel departed from reality. It can also make you feel drowsy and see your fears from the past. You can experience flashbacks too.

What are the side effects of psychedelic drugs?

Psychedelic drugs used for therapy could be overwhelming for some people. People with low willpower and other medical conditions should not opt for psychedelic drug therapy.

The side effects of PAP include:

Increased heart rate

High blood pressure



Mood swings



How long do drugs stay in your body?

All these drugs have a different time stamp of being detected in your body. And it can also vary according to various factors. Like, they can be found in hair follicles for like up to 90 days. But, in urine, it can just be detected up to 24 hours, after being ingested.

But, the duration of drugs staying in the body can differ from person to person, and drug to drug.

Finding a professional in psychedelic drug assisted therapy:

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Because we only have professional and trained staff for the therapy. You will be supervised all the time. And these therapies are only done, if you show the symptoms, and you are strong enough to deal with the symptoms. That, you can leave to us, because we will have your detailed examination before starting anything.

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