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THCV is a cannabinoid about which people have mixed perceptions. Some people might think of it as an addictive drug because most cannabis products are. But THCV is different from THCV and CBD products when it comes to “high”.

THCV has been demanded a lot in the market for the past few years. And now people are starting to realize that the hype is not just about the rumors, this product works. THCV is not getting hyped for no reason. The regular average dosage of THCV can make your lifestyle better by improving your overall health. If you want to know how then you need to see this THCV review through the end.

What is THCV and how it’s produced?

Cannabis is a plant that has several compounds but this plant is usually known for marijuana, which is mostly used in the form of vaping or smoking as it gives relief from anxiety. But, THCV has been hyped for a few years due to its medicinal benefits.

THCV is extracted from cannabis hence known as tetrahydrocannabivarin. It is extracted precisely because there are several other compounds present in the cannabis plant. THCV is beneficial for health when it is taken in lower but regular dosages, it can provide better concentration, improved appetite enhanced focus, and boosted immune system.

THCV is still under research and experimentation because the previous testing is mostly done on rats instead of humans. And for authentic results, trials should be done on humans too.

According to a few experiments in which human volunteers participated, the results showed effective improvement in mental health and appetite. But the side effects and other uses of THCV are still unknown and uncertain, so scientists are still trying to find out more.

How strong is THCV?


THCV is strong enough if it is taken in higher doses. You can take an idea about how strong is THCV by knowing that any product or drug that has 0.5% to 1% of thcv included, will be considered a strong dose. Whereas, THC, which is a similar compound to THCV, has similar effects but is slightly different from THCV.

THC, an average of 6%-8% in a drug will be considered a high dose.
THCV is known for providing health benefits without causing psychoactive effects, but it is only when THCV is taken at a lower dosage. If the high dosage is being taken for quick results, then it could cause high and hallucinating effects too.

How THCV impacts the body? What are the reviews?

There have been many types of research and trials going on with THCV. Most of them were animal-based, but few of the trials also involved human participants. THCV is found to be playing an important role in decreasing appetite, and improving mental health and clarity, and it has shown positive results when it comes to diabetes.

The cannabis plant has hundreds of cannabinoids. And not all of them are used for medicinal purposes. THC and CBD are still under research for their medicinal use. Cannabis is known as weed and it is also used by drug adductors as it has high effects. But when it comes to THCV, researchers found out that it is being used for medicinal purposes for quite a time now.

There were two types of research held in California in which, about 100 participants were involved. They were given daily doses of THCV and were tested for addiction.

Another study held by national institutes of health, another study was held, in which various cannabinoids were tested for how they impact the body after entering the bloodstream.

THC and CBD still have unknown results, whereas THCV reviews has shown promising results against type-2 diabetes, and a noticeable decrease in appetite for patients who were suffering from obesity. THCV can positively impact the body as it is found by multiple studies.

Why is THCV getting so popular? Review of the main ideas.
THCV has been making its place in the drug industry as it can be helpful for various health conditions. According to research held in January 2020, the test was held, in which pregnant women were involved.

But it was found out that pregnant women shouldn’t use cannabis, as it could cause premature delivery.

Another study held in 2020 focused on the usage of THCV for mental conditions like Alzheimer’s and anxiety disorders. The research concluded that THCV can improve neuron growth and works with the brain receptors, making them stronger with the positive and required neuron growth and reducing the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Scientific benefits of THCV:

This THCV review is supposed to clear all your doubts about the consumption of thcv. THCV has not shown any potential risks yet. So, it is considered safe for consumption. But here are some potential scientific benefits of THCV that you must know:

Mental disorders:

According to research, thcv can be helpful against multiple mental disorders. It helps with brain cells and improves the growth of neurons which helps to keep the brain healthy. Hence preventing mental conditions like seizures, PTSD, Alzheimers, epilepsy, anxiety, and Parkinson’s disease.


The research was held, in which, obese induced mice were fed with the daily dose of THCV, and they showed a noticeable decrease in appetite.


In a study held with cancer patients, it was shown that THCV is capable of killing cancer cells and helping fight with side effects of chemotherapy.

Our best THCV:

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