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Psychedelic Therapy For Anxiety

Mental health can make a disaster in your life if it is not being taken care of. Due to fast pace life, mental health issues are increasing day by day, since the worldwide issues keep growing. The Pandemic, financial crisis, number of viral diseases, and hectic lifestyles are making people face stress disorders more than ever.

It is not easy to deal with everything going on in the world without getting worried about it. The world is moving fast and to move along, we need to be super active, super fit, and healthy. Because if it gets on our nerves, we will not just stay behind but break down as well.

Several things can make us frustrated and stressed on daily basis. And if it is being taken care of, on daily basis then it can cause multiple stress disorders. But many people are not good at handling pressure and they get worried sick too soon. This is why there is a new invention in the medical world of mental health, that can help you deal with such things, it is known as psychedelic-assisted therapy.

What is psychedelic therapy for anxiety and how it can help you?

Psychedelic drugs might be relatively new in the market but they are being hyped for some reason. Psychedelic therapy for anxiety is getting more in business since it has been known to be working wonders with anxiety and mood swings.

Psychedelic therapy should only be done under professional supervision. Although this therapy is safe it can cause mind-altering effects so there might be some temporary side effects.

Psychedelic therapy for anxiety works like other psychotherapies but it is different in the way that it is combined with the ingestion of a psychedelic drug. There are several psychedelic drugs, among which psilocybin is one of the most secure and commonly used drugs. Psilocybin is also known as a magic mushroom because it makes things magical in your mind.

When you go for psychedelic therapy for anxiety, then your therapist will ask you to ingest the tablet and wait for some time to let the magic happen. Then the talk session will be started. Psychedelic drugs cause hallucinations and make you feel like cutting off from reality and flying in the sky.

Your body becomes as light as it is floating in mid-air. This helps change your mood and sort the issues you are dealing with. But these hallucinogenic effects can last a little longer even after the therapy has ended. So make sure not to drive or walk alone immediately after the therapy has ended.

Can psychedelics help with anxiety?

Well, the short answer is “yes”. Psychedelics play an important role in reducing anxiety and making you feel better. But in some cases, it might also cause anxiety to trigger.

People are dealing with stress and anxiety issues all around the world. According to the WHO survey, there are more than 300 million people all around the world, dealing with anxiety and depression. This issue is getting critical day by day. With the increasing number of mental health disorders, there is more need for mental health treatments. And in such a situation, psychedelic therapy for anxiety is nothing less than a miracle.

There might be some people who can have their anxiety triggered instead of getting treated with the usage of psychedelic drugs, but there is more evidence that it helps with reducing anxiety.

According to a survey, many people have started using psychedelics to help with their stress issues. A regular dosage of psilocybin every few days can be really helpful against anxiety. This procedure is known as Micro dosing.

What is used in psychedelic therapy?

Psychedelic therapy for anxiety is done with the help of drug ingestion. Psychedelic drugs are for a certain purpose and are very helpful during talk therapy to make it effective.

Different types of Psychedelic drugs are used during the therapy and it depends on the doctor what he chooses or prefers. But several psychedelic drugs that are used include:





Can psychedelics cause anxiety?

Yes, people who are already experiencing anxiety can have their anxiety triggered if they had a bad trip during psychedelic therapy anxiety. LSD causes hallucinogenic effects which can last longer even after the therapy has finished.

For most people, the experience brings positive results and that means the effects and anxiety disappear immediately. But for some people who have bad experiences during therapy, it could cause fear, anxiety, and flashbacks.

Positive effects on brain cell connectivity:

Psychedelic ingestion can bring positive effects on brain cell connectivity. There was an animal-based trial and the researchers found out that the mice that were induced with psychedelics showed a 10% increase in brain cell connectivity immediately after the induction of the drug. And the results also showed even stronger than 10% neurons connection.

Psychedelic therapy can be provided only by certified centers:

If you feel like you are getting stressed out day by day and you need something to deal with it because stress and anxiety can affect not just you but your whole family. If you keep being frustrated and annoyed then it can affect your physical and mental health as well as your relations.

So, in the meantime, when you feel like being helpless about the situation, you can opt for psychedelic therapy for anxiety. But, it doesn’t mean that this is something you can do at home. Psychedelic therapy involves the ingestion of drugs that can cause anesthetic effects as well as hallucination and this is why it is important to get therapy done only by certified centers. Therapy should be done under professional supervision.

Dangers of self-treatment:

If you are starting psychedelic therapy or undergoing treatment with psychedelic drugs then you should know about the dangers of the drug too. If you’re trying to do self-medication with psychedelics then it is not a good idea. Because not all people experience a good trip during the treatment. It can also be a bad experience due to the memory you go to. And this could cause effects of paranoia, anxiety, and fear. These effects could maybe just last for a few hours, but they could last for days, weeks, or months too.

How to get started with Valhalla vitality psychedelic therapy?

Valhalla Vitality is an authorized, certified, and reliable center for you to get your therapy done if you are tired of handling this stressful situation. We have the best consultants that will help you diagnose your issue with a detailed exam and based on the diagnosis, they will suggest the type of therapy that would be preferable in your case.

So, if you want to get started with us, first of all, you need to book a session with our doctors because we don’t simply start experimenting with our patients. When you visit us, we will provide a detailed checkup that will clear the situation for you and us too. After the diagnosis, we will decide on therapy.

What are the typical risks and side effects of psychedelic therapy?

Everything that brings positivity and benefits you in several ways, could also have drawbacks. And when we are talking about psychedelic therapy, it also has some potential drawbacks along with multiple benefits.

Although this therapy is only allowed for clinical trials, you should still know about the risks and side effects because that can be harmful if you already have some health conditions like heart or bp issues. Following are the side effects associated with psychedelic therapy for anxiety:

Fear and flashbacks:

The drug could cause fear due to the flashbacks of a memory that scares you the most.


You could be cut from reality for a long time. Because the effects of this drug include fantasy and hallucinations.

Cardiovascular issues:

People who are already suffering from heart or bp conditions should avoid the therapy because ingestion of psychedelic drugs could cause increased heart rate and blood pressure. Although these effects are temporary but still can be dangerous for the patients.

You need to have a professional consultation and analysis before starting psychedelic therapy with anxiety:

If you think you should try psychedelic therapy after getting to know about all the potential benefits, then you should know a few things:

Before getting therapy, you should get professional consultation

A complete exam should be done before the therapy

Therapy should only be done under professional supervision

Valhalla Vitality is the best psychedelic therapy center in NYC

You should not be confused or worried about getting therapy done in a certified center because Valhalla Vitality is at your service and we are one of the best psychedelic therapy centers in NYC.

And you can trust us after making yourself comfortable with the authenticity of Valhalla Vitality center.

Phone: +1 516 266 6186

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