Epitalon 10 mg/mL Injectable (5 ml vial)

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Epitalon is a potent, safe, and efficient tetrapeptide that aids in the production of telomerase, which protects the body’s cells. This therapy has the ability to reverse aging by increasing your body’s regenerative capacity.

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The basic function of epitalon is to boost the natural production of telomerase, a natural enzyme that aids cells in the replication of telomeres, which are the protective sections of our DNA. This lets our DNA to replicate, allowing the body to produce new cells and rejuvenate existing ones. Younger persons have higher levels of telomerase and longer telomeres. However, as humans age, their telomerase synthesis decreases, and as a result, cell replication and health suffer. This is the primary cause of aging. It also regulates metabolism, increases hypothalamic sensitivity to natural hormonal stimuli, normalizes anterior pituitary function, and regulates gonadotropin and melatonin levels in the body.