Topical Testosterone Therapy (Bimonthly)

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Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men and has critical biologic functions in the body. This hormone regulates male virility (libido), bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and the production of red blood cells and reproductive cells. Men experience a slow and continuous decrease in testosterone production which occurs as part of the aging process. While this change is normal, it can sometimes result in disorders which warrant further evaluation and testosterone replacement therapy.

At Valhalla Vitality, we offer multiple, convenient preparations and dosage strengths of testosterone for our customers available in gel, cream, and self-administered IM injections.

Our testosterone therapies are Readily Available through Bi-monthly Payments

All therapies require a prescription consultation from a trusted Valhalla Vitality clinical expert.

This service requires a prescription from a Valhalla Vitality provider. To get started, please book your consultation.


Many of the symptoms you associate with aging — weight gain, fatigue, and low sex drive — may be due to declining hormone levels like testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy is a treatment that restores hormone levels, easing symptoms. The benefits seen with TRT, such as increased libido and energy level, beneficial effects on bone density, strength and muscle as well as cardioprotective effects, have been well-documented.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a form of hormone therapy that is used to treat symptoms associated with low testosterone levels in men. Testosterone replacement therapy can be taken in a variety of forms, including injections, patches, gels, and pellets. Testosterone replacement therapy can help improve sexual functioning and libido, reduce fatigue and irritability, increase muscle mass and strength, improve mental clarity and mood, as well as decrease body fat. Testosterone replacement therapy requires regular doctor visits to monitor hormone levels and adjust the dosage as needed. Testosterone replacement therapy is typically administered bimonthly through an injection or topical application under the skin or directly into the muscle.

The potential benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) may include improved energy levels; increased libido; improved erectile function; improved bone density; enhanced cognitive function; better moods; reduced depression symptoms; increased muscle tone and strength; improved cardiovascular health; decreased body fat percentage; improved blood pressure levels. However, there are some risks associated with Testosterone Replacement Therapy that could make it unsafe for certain individuals. These risks include increased risk of prostate cancer in certain individuals, an increased risk of heart attack or stroke in those with pre-existing heart disease or other cardiovascular conditions, an increased risk of sleep apnea or high-grade prostate cancer in men over 65 years old, potential liver toxicity from oral testosterone supplements, potential worsening of pre-existing benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate), acne flare-ups due to testosterone’s effects on sebaceous glands activity located near hair follicles.

It is important to discuss Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Valhalla Vitality provider before starting any treatment plan to make sure it is right for you. Your doctor will consider your medical history when deciding if TRT is safe for you based on the possible side effects and risks associated with this type of hormone treatment. Additionally, your doctor will evaluate your current health condition and lifestyle habits to determine the best dosage for Testosterone Replacement Therapy based on your individual needs. Testosterone Replacement Therapy usually requires bimonthly payments to cover the cost of regular injections or topical applications necessary to maintain optimal levels of testosterone in your body.

If you’re ineligible to receive therapy or medications after consultation with Valhalla Vitality provider – you will be fully refunded!