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NAD+ IV Therapy

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Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) IV therapy is a type of intravenous treatment that can stimulate cell regeneration in your body.

This powerful molecule has a lot of potential for new therapeutic opportunities. Studies have shown that it can help battle many effects of aging and chronic conditions on the human body and brain.


NAD+ IV Therapy

The wellness center offers NAD+ infusion therapy, which can be useful for people with:

Alzheimer’s disease
Parkinson’s disease
Heart disease
Mitochondrial dysfunction
Multiple sclerosis
Chronic fatigue
Memory/concentration problems


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What is NAD+ therapy?

The process of NAD+ therapy is painless and causes little to no discomfort. After you complete your initial medical screening, your provider at Valhalla Vitality sends you to the lab to complete blood work.

Valhalla Vitality provides NAD+ infusion therapy at your home or any other place you feel comfortable receiving treatment. The specifics of your infusion may depend on your health needs and goals.

What can I expect after starting NAD+ therapy?

The health professional at Valhalla Vitality closely monitors you during and after your infusion. The team recommends you take it easy the rest of the day following your treatment.

Though results vary, you might experience relief from your symptoms immediately, and they may last up to one month.

What is the price?


How is it taken?

To learn more about NAD+ infusion therapy, call Valhalla Vitality or schedule a consultation online today.

How long the therapy lasts?

Infusions take 35 to 45 minutes and total appointment times are about 60 minutes.