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Antiaging Synergy



Problem:  Over time aging occurs due to decreased cellular quality and health.  Each time a cell divides cellular quality and health is reduced due to shortening telomere length.  Over time low quality and unhealthy cells should be destroyed and recycled by the body, however, the modern diet prevents this activity (called autophagy) from occurring at a sufficient rate.  This combination leads to the process of aging and the prevalence of chronic disease as we age.

Solution: Youthavar provides two powerful herbal compounds, spermidine, and cycloastragenol, to combat and reverse the aging process.

Spermidine is an herbal extract that has been studied for years due to its amazing effects on increasing lifespan.  Research has concluded that the life-extending effects of spermidine come from its ability to increase autophagy.  Autophagy is a natural process of recycling damaged and unhealthy cells in the body.  A modern nutrient-rich diet and sedentary lifestyle have a massive impact on reducing the rate of autophagy because excess nutrients negate the necessity of this cell recycling process.  All highly researched methods of life extension such as caloric restriction, glucose restriction, fasting, and sauna are autophagy inducers; and autophagy is believed to be the primary method of action leading to this observed increase in life expectancy.  Spermidine has been shown to greatly increase autophagy and has been correlated with increased life expectancy, and has become a highly sought-after compound for this reason.

Cycloastragenol is an exciting new herbal extract that lengthens telomeres.  Cellular division is responsible for driving the growth repair and maintenance of a healthy body, and cells are constantly dividing.  Telomeres are short lengths of DNA on the end of chromosomes that protect them from damage during cellular division.  Acting as a buffer for damage, each time a cell divides, small portions of the telomere are destroyed and the telomeres become slightly shorter.  Shorter telomeres are less protective against damage to the chromosomes and slight defects emerge leading to dysfunctional cells.  Over time these slight defects can be observed as aging.  Cycloastragenol lengthens telomeres, literally reversing the effects of cellular division to protect against further chromosomal damage and cellular aging.

Youthavar was formulated with synergy in mind.  The synergistic effect of increasing telomere length and autophagy simultaneously has been previously untapped.  By increasing telomere length with cycloastragenol, youthavar promotes healthy division of cells; and by increasing autophagy, youthavar promotes the recycling of damaged and unhealthy cells.  The synergistic effect of spermidine and cycloastragenol compounded with a 100x increase in bioavailability achieved with SENDS liquid technology has resulted in the unrivaled age-fighting power of youthavar!